Compiled List of Future Enhancements

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Is there a compiled list of enhancements that are being considered (or not considered) and what their status might be?  I'm not talking bugs here, just enhancements.  I know there is the sticky post by Wolfstar76 but with almost 450 replies you can't really find anything in it.

I'm wanting the official (or semi-official) Wizards list.

bump - come on, nobody knows anything????

What do you expect? They refuse to tell us anything before it is implemented - so we have absolutely no idea what they are working on (if anything).
I'm trying to be a little more optimistic than that.  It's getting hard though.
nshoe is right on with his assessment.  My best (read that as most "liberal") reading of their behavior for the last 6 months is that if it isn't happening in the next update, then it doesn't exist.  And even then the exact list of what's in the update isn't published until mere DAYS before the patch goes live if they bother posting anything at all before patch day.