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Check out my review of Red Sails in the Fallout, the new Gamma World novel that just came out last week:


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Excellent review, I am excited to read it!
Cool! Let us know what you think of it.
Check out my blog over at Roving Band of Misfits, or follow me on Twitter

I read "Sooner Dead" and thought it was great. Last night I picked up "Red Sails in the Fallout" on my nook, and I can not wait to read it this weekend. Thanks for your review, it only added to my anticipation of diving into this book.

In the middle of of Red Sails right now!!!! Great book...loved Sooner Dead also!!!
While I enjoyed Sooner Dead, there was nothing particularly "Gamma World" about it. That is not the case with Red Sails in the Fallout. I absolutely loved it. While being serious it had a certain wackiness that embodies Gamma World. There were a couple of classic GW monsters encountered and I could almost recreate the characters' origins in-game. I highly reccomend it for all true Gamma World fans.
I picked up both books and am looking forward to giving them a try. I wish WotC would put out more stuff for Gamma World.... Frown

Marv (Finarvyn) Master of Mutants (MA and GW) Playing 5E D&D and liking it! OD&D player since 1975

At 14 chapters and 307 pages it was a joy to read. The book is about a journey with two female furry mutants, a quoll and lab rat as they traverse the desert and beyond. They meet some strange and cliché mutant friends that prove to be entertaining. The only character that undergoes any real development is Xoota (quoll), but you will enjoy reading about the others. There are no great plot twists or gotcha points, but defiantly captivating moments.

If you have been a long time fan of Gamma World this is a must read! Paul Kidd either did a lot of research or played GW himself. It blends nicely with the new 4e mechanics (alpha mutations) but does not lose its zany post-apocalyptic feel.

It was amazing to me was the memories it brought up of my gamma world games. Running for creatures, strange locations in the middle of no-where, and self righteous antagonists, all started by something as simple as “what happened to the water”.

Character spoilers and comments... no real plot give aways.


Cliché parts were:

Wig-Wig the empathic swarm of earwigs. He is the funny little guy that is very annoying to the protagonist at first but then quickly becomes very helpful throughout the book. Nicely done (doesn’t everyone need a fun little sidekick?)

Rustle – Mutant Fly Trap. Everyone seemed to have this staple plant, little shop of horrors kind of thing. Rustle did have his entertaining moments but was more of a pet then party member. Though I think Rustle was quiet intelligent which was refreshing.

Sep – The first creature they encounter is a sep. Which was freaking awesome. Cliché but awesome.

Gamma Moths – They mentioned them, so they had to be in there. Very, very nicely done.

Bird Mount – Were a budgerigar (parakeet) was cute, the riding birds seemed a little too Final Fantasy for me. I like the lizard from Sooner Dead a bit better.

Pig People – In Sooner Dead it was armadillos. What happened to Arns, Dabbers, Badders and such? I have the razorhide creatures from World of Warcraft stuck in my head… Squeeeel…

Omega Ale – I think every game has a very potent drink.

The actual adventures were very entertaining – great ideas for species and forage if you run a gamma world game.


BIG Spoiler – don’t read unless you read the book… Plot give away.


The only bad part: Benek – They way they describe him he is suppose to be a pure strain human. I kept thinking he was a mutant giant of some sort all massive and stuff. The one message I got from this book was that Pure Strain Humans are rare and idiots. The accident at the end of the book where the computer was re-programmed was rather un-refined. It worked just was a grasp for him to suddenly take control… when he was an idiot. Which just seemed a bit odd you would think more pure strained humans survived, unless they were all that dumb.


In the end: Red Sails in the Fallout, by Paul Kidd was great and well worth it.

This adventure reminds me of a dreamworks animation.  Cute furry heroines, empathic sentient earwig swarms, and Benek, the perfect tool.  I enjoyed it much more than Sooner Dead.  I want to see the animated 3D feature movie of Red Sails of The Fallout.
I enjoyed both novels but am worried that there will be no more.

Jesus saves, the rest of you take damage.

I thought it was a fun little romp of an adventure.  A bit more lighthearted than I prefer, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  My wife heard me giggling a few time while reading the book, so now she wants to read it.

I was actually disappointed when the book was done.  I want more of this fun group, as well as the cast of Soon Dead!


p.s.- sequels to the books would be great, if WotC could take the time to treat their authors properly like they should (coughPaulKiddcough), so that the authors would actually WANT to write more of these fine stories!
I'm halfway through this (read 10-20 pages on the train depending on whether I can get a seat) and I think it's great.  Very well done with interesting characters and a neat story line.  I like it better than Sooner Dead but have enjoyed both.  Like Guroth, I think I'm going to be very disappointed when I finish the book, that's part of the reason I'm reading it so slowly.
..,.  Like Guroth, I think I'm going to be very disappointed when I finish the book, that's part of the reason I'm reading it so slowly.

I wanted more instantly after I read it.  Heck, I wanted more before the ending.  IMO, it was the best adventure I read in a long time.  Favorite story of the year.   
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