several questions

our local community had a tournament last weekend and several questions come to the table, so here there are:

the first question is about the defender; if both warbands have miniatures that have this ability, and multiple defender abitilies activates for the attack of one mini but consecutively, let say the mini attack and for that another mini makes a defender attack, and for that defender attack another mini makes a defender attack, etc...; how do you resolve the attack order; in the past I thought that an answer I receive was that in the same order they were declared, to last defender until the attack that triggers all the rolls; but with the new rulebook I dont know if the acting player choose the order

minor action:
can a minor action be used in the middle of a movement without stopping it?

specific damage:
what happen if a mini targets and enemy and has for example +2 attack and +5 damage against that keyword, but an ally uses boduguard, can the attacking mini apply the keyword bonus to the attack against the bodyguard?

dominated and charge:
can a dominated miniature charge?

hope I will be clear, and to get clear answer because english is my second language
First easy answers:

Minor action: No, just like in the RPG, you need to finish your action before you can take another one. So finish your move, then declare the minor action.

Dominated and charge: No, a dominated creature cannot charge. It can only take a basic melee action. A charge is an action which uses the creatures basic attack, but it is not a basic melee action.
Defender powers, like all other interrupting i mediate powers are resoved in reverse order from declaration. Last declared is first resolved.

Bonus damage and to hit bonuses are calculated as if the redirected target would have been the original target, meaning that if you target a shapeshifter with an attack that gives +2/+5 vs shapeshifters and your opponent uses Bodyguard of the Merchant Guard to redirect, you do not get the +2/+5 vs the Merchant Guard, as it is not a shapeshifter.

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