7/12/2011 SF: "The Boss Five From 12"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
When I finished reading the part of this article about Adaptive Automaton, it just didn't seem that interesting. I mean, it's a generic lord. Useful as lord card 5-8, sure, but that's all. People seem to think it enables tribes that are now lordless, but does it really? The Jellyfish tribe is interesting purely because it's so small (7 total) and stronger than it looks. So how many tribes are worth building around (that is, have enough cards printed in them that it's possible, and are powerful enough to be worth considering), need lords (that is, for tribes of massive fatties like Demons and Leviathans, an additional +1/+1 is wasted), and don't already have them? Centaurs, Drakes and Insects, maybe... Orcs and Dwarves aren't significant in Magic, but I guess someone might want to build a deck around them as a nod to some other fantasy world...

And then I realized there is at least one tribe that meets all the above: Humans. As a bonus, they exist in all five colors. Wizards has avoided making a human lord because they felt it wouldn't feel enough like "magic" or something, so it's ironic that humans have a robot lord.
it's ironic that humans have a robot lord.

Don't stop me now!

HUGE props to the Shaun of the Dead reference.
According to everyone on these forums. You should only play the best decks in whatever format you want. You are a bad player and should just quit if you intend on using anything else.
Don't stop me now!

HUGE props to the Shaun of the Dead reference.

That sounds like a Queen song, too?
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a queen song that featured heavily in shaun of the dead, a film about zombies.

also, admitting a mancrush on adam for making a 5-color ally deck, although i think it might greatly benefit by changing from singleton to picking out the juicier ones and playing 2 of each, then including doubling chant for the math nightmare of plopping down a handful of allies at once, which would pretty much always be deadly with hagra diabolist in play.

it's ironic that humans have a robot lord.


The fact that robots are made of iron?

Adaptive Automaton could also function as simply a cheap member of an otherwise expensive tribe, along with changelings.  The flavor is probably too off for angels, but maybe as a 3-CC giant?  Or as the glue to hold together a deck of mono-Green unicorns.

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"The Boss Five From 12"?  When did it become correct to use the word "boss" as an adjective in this manner?
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