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4x Goblin Guide
4x Goblin Bushwhacker
4x Memnite
4x Ornithopter
4x Glint Hawk
4x Signal Pest
2x Phantasmal Bear

4x Mox Opal
4x Gitaxian Probe
4x Kuldotha Rebirth
3x Panic Spellbomb
3x Shared Discovery

4x Arid Mesa
4x Scalding Tarn
1x Island
1x Plains
6x Mountain

Optional: If you like, you can swap the Bears and a Pest for 3x Steppe Lynx. 8 fetches say rawr. Bears are a consistent 2, Lynxes are more explosive but less reliable. Lavamancers are definitely good sideboard material. Archivist could easily be a 1 or 2-of, refilling your hand with this deck is just. Sick.


4x Dispatch
4x Grim Lavamancer
3x Dismember
4x ???
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Is this a joke?
Fish a few hands and then tell me.
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Tested this list at the LGS and it did very well. It is amazingly consistent for an aggro deck, and fast/resilient enough to win through lifelink and tons of spot removal.

A few hints for those who aren't quite sure what they are seeing:

-You don't have to trade a combat phase for a Discovery. Ever. And you shouldn't do it if you have the choice.

-Opal is your best Rebirth fodder.

-T1 Glint Hawk off Mox Opal. It's good.

-Don't be afraid of losing life. Play Probes and fetches all day long.

-Use fetches before basics. In order of priority, fetch: immediately needed colors, red, or the off color if you have two red sources.

This deck is a blast to play, and so few people expect you to go through a quarter of your library by turn 4, and half your library by turn 6. Nor do they expect crazy card advantage or consistent hands from a Kred deck.
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You've got exactly 8 fetches, and 8 basics... which means if you ever draw a single basic land you've got a permanently dead card in your library. Have you run into this situation?
You've got exactly 8 fetches, and 8 basics... which means if you ever draw a single basic land you've got a permanently dead card in your library. Have you run into this situation?

Yes, I draw basics all the time, but having a dead card in my library is completely irrelevant. I would have to draw all 8 basics and a fetch for it to effect the game state at all.
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Looks pretty awesome to me. Wizards has printing all this cheap as free beatdown peices for awhile now. This is the first deck I've seen that really seems to connect the dots. I imagine it plays kind of like a Legacy deck, all playing half your hand in the first turn. I like the idea of maximizing the chance of drawing the Opal while destroying extras for goblins. Does Shared Discovery really work too well though? I mean I get that you are casting it immediately after a Rebirth but just that sounds pretty conditional.
It's not jsut right after a Rebirth. You can easily get down 4 sick creatures, use it if swinging would produce bad trades, or if swinging would not make a large enough impact to be worth 3 new cards (eg. Goblin Guide, 3x Thopters). Other than that, you see other oppurtunities or optimal plays as you go with it. It's just a matter of actually being in a game and realizing where it works.
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Mortarpod in the sideboard? Maybe a bit slow, but it could be interesting.
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There's been a lot of hatin' on this deck. Two people at the LGS think the list looks "stupid" and "like crap", only one person likes it. And that's the person I played against. In 3 seperate games, I won through 1) 4 spot removal spells in a row, 2) A Nighthawk and 2 Child of Nights on the field, at the same time, and 3) Having a single Opal as my only mana source the entire game.

Also, I think I have a name for this deck: Street Kred. 
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I like it, in theory, but I see it losing more than it wins. I'll test it online some and then tell you how I feel about it, realistically.
I've playtested this a bit, and while you occasionally get really flashy superwins, this deck scoops to a lot of stuff in practice. Ratchet Bomb in the SB? Guess I concede. Pyroclasm? That hurts. Timely Reinforcements? Damn. 

It doesn't have a lot of topdeck power, so if the opponent survives past Turn 4, it's a real struggle. 
All the above mentioned cards are the reason for Mortarpod and Lavamancer SB. And possibly switching out Visions if you find it more relevant than Discovery.

But yes, like all Kred style decks, those are pretty painful answers, along with IoK, Despise, Misstep, and Marrow Shards.

But I've been finding that (if you don't overextend), it can usually play through a lot of things you wouldn't expect it to. If they manage to survive past Turn 4, they've still been taking a lot of pressure, and a Clasm probably won't be enough, especially if your hand isn't empty.

Forked Bolt may be an interesting SB answer to reinforcements...

I am curious what you mean by topdeck power. Do you mean ability to recover from topdeck mode (terrible) or ability to topdeck relevant cards (amazing)? Because my deck is usually around 33-40 cards by turn 4, so topdecking something relevant is rarely a problem.

I appreciate the testing and input. Any ideas for increased resiliency? 
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