New Multi-class feats for my knight?

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I am running a essentials Knight in early heroic tier. I am wanting to multi class, but only real good options at the moment are cleric and warden. I am curious if anyone has an opinion on the new multi class feats.

Thanks for any info...
What do you want to achieve with your MC? Is it access to PP-options, feats or powers you want to get from other classes?
Do you want to make up for a certain weakness in your party or character in general?


Just curious what my options are so I can figure out a good roleplaying reason for it, and I want it to do something good mechanically. RIght now the viable options without optimizing for race are cleric and warden.  Cleric allows healing and a few other things in epic. Warden grants extra damage. For cleric my character really has no religous views, and warden doesn't really fit my character either (he is of noble class and a knight). I know I could create reasons for both classes, I just don't really care for them. I am looking to see if the new feats offer good mechanics for a defender.
If you have problems with finding a way to MC into certain classes, maybe MC Bravo is something for you, as it is class independant and offers a bonus to hit and damage. Although there are little options beyond that.

Edit: How are your stats? So where are abilities with 13+ to see what you could qualify for?


Since you qualify for Warden, you have a decent STR and since you qualify for Cleric, you have a decent WIS.

Which makes sense being an essentials Knight.  But, yeah, if you can post up your character summary, we can help you a lot more.     
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