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Given that many effects impose a damage type of 2 or more elements, eg: fire+necrotic or psychic+thunder.  Damage reduction versus only one type of energy/element seems problematic.

I wish to propose that if your character posesses damage reduction versus at least 1 damage type for a given effect, your character gains half their DR, rounded down, versus that effect.

I'm not the top player here, but powers are made like this on purpose to get around resistances. Many races come with inherint resistances that really cut though monster damage. Thats not good for the monsters. Ex. Monster with a fire attack uses it on a level 10 tiefling, if I'm not mistaken they get fire resistance equal to 5 + half level. If the attack happens to do 20 damage, there went half of it. If it was an entire fire based encounter made by the DM for thematic purposes (like in a volcano) then the tiefling will hardly get hurt. The point of double types is to attack the tiefling with fire and acid otherwise you've removed half the monsters value in the encounters. Monsters need to be able to get around defenses to be effective. Thats all I have to say. I hope a more experienced char opper will correct me if I'm wrong please.
Why?  Typed damage of multiple types is designed specifically for piercing common resistance types, or making an attack difficult to resist with typical resist setups.  

Typed damage is already at a disadvantage to untyped damage just due to the fact that individual resistances exist.  Why does it need to be more difficult to get around resistance.  If someone wants to stop their resistance from being bypassed, get resist all.
Resist all is great if you have it.  My argument is that why have any resist if enemies' attack have multiple damage types.  So if you have 1 resist vs. say 2+ damage types, why bother?
Because not everything does 2 types of damage.  Resistance is highly effective against those.
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Not everything does, but those that do apply a combination of upto 10 different damage types.  To me a single type DR is great, but vs. 2 or more, the benefit dimishes greatly.  If you possess at least 1 DR vs. the applied effect damage type, I believe that your character should derive some limited benefit.
I don't understand the existence of this post.

You don't like the way the rules work?  That's great.  Talk to your DM.  (If you are the DM, talk to your players.)

But the rules are the way they are for a reason, and they work great in the vast majority of circumstances, and further, this forum isn't really about (or interested in) house rules.
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The existance of this post is to address a percieved flaw in damage resitance, you may disagree but IMHO it has validity.

There are plenty of examples where people are not happy with the standard rules: see proposed rules update threads.  I am trying to address the fundamental flaw in resistances where one DR type works great, but if 2+ types apply, that DR is rendered useless.  I'd like to see if proposing some reduced DR effect may mitigate the multiple damage effect types one will typically see at paragon and particularly at epic levels.

This thread is ultimately an exercersize in addressing multiple damage type effects vs. 1 DR type.  It's an all or nothing situation.  My personal opinion is that having 1 resistance should apply some limited DR effect vs. multiple types.  Creatures scale damage very effectively, at least if you figure in MM3 or later rules, an thus characters with DR should derive some limited benefit to allow better survival.
You are also looking at this from only one perspective. If I'm playing a caster and I drop resources into making my powers do 4 types of damage rather than just 1, why should I be punished for expending feats and items to diversify my damage output? I've basically just dropped 2 feats and an item to add keywords just to lower my damage. That's ... terrible.

If you are going to "fix" damage resistance, make sure it works both ways. Otherwise, you end up unfairly hurting casters who utilize multiple damage types. 
herp derp wrong forum.
So, to recap:

  1. Horrible idea

  2. Wrong forum

  3. Horrible idea

Never try changing game mechanics until you have a decent handle on why they work the way they do.  Changing resists in this way would actually harm players more than help them, in the long run.
This is one of those things that strikes me as purposeful intent, some mobs just deal one type of damage and its ok if those guy eat some occasional resist. And the guys who they want to drop damage every time get ther're damage split up. As for the player aspect i would fix alot of other things before i get to this since resist can be very campain dependent
They way resistances/immunities/vulnerabilities work right now favors the attacker rather than the defender. I think the way it works now is just fine. If you find your monster's damage getting heavily reduced, put some piercing on them.

Doing more than one type of damage is difficult to begin with, so what you propose would make it almost pointless to try.
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