Krynn wins the poll for next Campaign for the magazines

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Anyone as thrilled by this as I am. I mean most of what they need to do 4e Dragonlance is already outthere and only needs some "theming" and maybe a coat of paint on a couple of other areas.

Big question is will this one poll help Wizards take more notice of what we the fans of Krynn want?
Wizards has given us enough to play DragonLance.

We have Draconians in the Metallic Dragons Draconomicon book. They even gave us new Draconians to play with. We have Dragon Orbs and other DragonLance materials in the Draconomicons as well. We also have  confirmation that Paladine is Bahamut and Takhisis is Tiamat. Nevermind all the previous setting material and pure flavor that has been published in the past. Honestly, is there any reason for them to reprint it all when giving it to us in pieces works just as well...? Dungeon Masters can take what has been included in various supplements and simply convert over the rest as themes, backgrounds, paragon paths, and so forth.

I suspect that Wizards realizes this and that it is in their plan to provide settings in this fashion. Such as bringing back Spelljammer (praise be to the gaming gods) by including it in pieces throughout several supplement books. DragonLance is burned into our brains, in a good way, and we may not need a new source book to rehash all the setting material we already know and can - often - recite on our own.
Emily Hook Longmont, CO Current DragonLance 4th Edition Writing Project: Champions of the Lance
"We also have  confirmation that Paladine is Bahamut and Takhisis is Tiamat" - Just out of curiousity where have they said this.

I'm not really talking about wanting them to reprint all the previous stuff they've done or anything like that. I've actually been saying to people for awhile now that 4e already has lots of stuff in place that allows play to occur on Krynn and that it is just down to groups to sort the "fluff" for themselves. Even have a fairly accurate "Kender" in our regular campaign by creating a properly flavoured halfling bard.

I just think it would be cool if they gave it enough credit to offer an adventure path in the magazine.
Draconomicon (4th Edition) Metallic Dragons, Page 214-215 under the Silvara's Origins entry in the Dragon Hall of Fame section.

"During the war with Takhisis (Tiamat) and through the ages and trilogies to follow..."

Bahamut is also referred to as the Platinum Dragon (which also the title for Paladine) and Tiamat is depicted as a five headed dragon with a head bearing the classic five chromatic dragon colors, identical to Takhisis. Someone could still claim they are different but - with the Astral Sea being what it is - it makes sense to say that some gods are simply present in multiple worlds. What do we think they were doing for those 300 years after the Cataclysm? It is not like they possess hobbies, right? Erm... hobbies aside from manifesting as old senile men who pal around with hoodlum Kenders, or maintaining longstanding BDSM relationships with certain tortured black robe wizards, that is...

(Oh to be that wizard. Raistlin's greatest triumph, I daresay!)


And I agree that some adventures would be nice. I have been going through and slowly converting the Chronicles novels to use as adventures (with my own dramatic changes to make it unpredictable) and it is a paaaiiiiin. Halflings are interesting because they pretty much made Kender the standard Halfling now, what with the fear resistance bonus and all that. Once upon a time Halflings were pretty much Hobbits in Dungeons & Dragons, as we all no doubt can recall. Kenders were unique because they flipped that image on its head and made their personalities almost diametric opposites to the Hobbit archetypes. Now we see that Kenders are the base model for Halflings in most settings, minus the gregarious and wide-eyed attitude associated with Kenders thanks to Mister Burrfoot and his adventures.

In my own campaign I am pretty much writing up Handler as a theme with Kender as a racial prerequisite.
Emily Hook Longmont, CO Current DragonLance 4th Edition Writing Project: Champions of the Lance
Yep, I vote in those polls 2wice. When they were up. For how everlong they were up for. And we won do we get any recognition. Do the pollers pass it on to there bosses??? We "might" get some mag content. Good by that trivial compared to a CSing! That is not alot to ask.
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