Furnace Celebration and Eldrazi Spawn

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My opponent has a Furnace Celebration out, and is playing a deck with a lot of eldrazi spawn, which all have the ability "Sacrifice this creature: Add 1 to your mana pool."

Is it possible for him to sacrifice the eldrazi spawn, triggering the Furnace Celebration, and then use the mana from the spawn to pay part of the cost for the Furnace? Or does the Furnace ability trigger as soon as the sacrifice happens, and go on top of the stack before the mana ability resolves from the spawn?
Yes, he can do that. Mana abilities don't use the stack, they resolve immediately.
Yes he can use the mana gain from the spawns to pay for the furnace triggers. The spawns have mana abilities which means they don't use the stack and will give one mana immediatly. The furnace trigger will go on the top of the stack and he doesn't have to pay the two until the ability resolves.
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