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Not sure if this has been posted before, but I got DoP as part of the Welcome Back promotion on Playstation Plus, had it for about a month, even got DLC for it. Today though, when I logged on and tried to play, it acted as if I was running a demo version of it. Asking if i had played it before, and such. Everything I unlocked was erased, and none of my DLC was availible.
What has caused this? Is it no longer on Plus and so it reverted to Demo? Or is this a bug. I still got a save file and everythign for it, it just wont load.

Thank you for any help you can give.
If your 30 days of PS plus has run out, then you lose the rights to the game unless you resubscribe.
Dang it, thats what I feared.
Wow, that makes ps plus the most pointless investment ever.
Wow, that makes ps plus the most pointless investment ever.

Not really.  I've more than gotten my money's worth out of it and I intend on continuing to subscribe to it as long as I'm playing my Playstation.

I have the same problem except only difference is I bought the gold eddition off the ps3 store. At first it worked fine but it has since reverted to trail version. I didn't want to download that free ps+ version cos I knew it would only last 30 days but seems i still got the revert anyway. Anyone know how when this problem will be fixed?
I bought the full version on p3 and a few weeks later (maybe 30 days can't say for sure) the same thing happened to me it was like I had never played it before except my trophies and online rank was still there but all my unlocked cards were gone and options reverted back to default. There's only one word for this: BUG!!!!
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