Copied: My first Sealed Deck

I posted this somewhere else on the forums, but I'm quite sure this is where it actually belongs. I've copied it from there and will edit the original post to reflect this.

I've just finished my last match in the Premier Event SOM Block Sealed, which had 76 contestants. I'm ending on a 4-3 with a low tiebreaker score, so probably out of prize range. I was hoping for some advice on how to grow better at playing Limited (and especially Sealed Deck, since this is my first time!), so any comments would be useful!

Below is the deck, the remainder of the cardpool is in the sideboard.

Some things I learned during the matches was that I was a bit short of white sources to play Auriok Edgewright most of the times (even though he won me a game or two), and sometimes I had trouble playing Hero Of Bladehold too; I should have swapped a Swamp for a Plains, most likely.

I also nearly always sideboarded in Revoke Existance and Shatter, perhaps these should made the main deck, but I just didn't know what I could reliable pull out of there; too many artifacts would weaken Metalcraft significantly and I felt that all my coloured spells were needed creatures or other removal. Perhaps I should have played Shatter instead of a sorcery of some kind because of the instant speed...

But I am getting ahead of myself! What comments do you have about the deck? Did I pick the right colours? Is my curve right? Apart from the missing Plains, are my colours good? Hit me, and there's no need to be gentle, I'm eager for critique, even harsh one.

I should add that two of the three decks I played made a ton of life off Fangren Marauder, since my deck was so artifact-heavy. Against these (as well as against Herald of Victory), I sideboarded in Artillerize as well.

1 x Moriok Replica
4 x Swamp
6 x Mountain
1 x Pith Driller
1 x Hero of Bladehold
1 x Liquimetal Coating
1 x Auriok Edgewright
1 x Auriok Sunchaser
1 x Vault Skirge
1 x Divine Offering
1 x Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer
1 x Concussive Bolt
1 x Sylvok Lifestaff
1 x Volt Charge
1 x Blackcleave Cliffs
1 x Leaden Myr
1 x Dispatch
1 x Signal Pest
1 x Myr Sire
1 x Arc Trail
1 x Iron Myr
1 x Copper Carapace
1 x Batterskull
1 x Blisterstick Shaman
1 x Blinding Souleater
1 x Whipflare
6 x Plains

1 x Shrine of Piercing Vision
1 x Dementia Bat
1 x Maul Splicer
2 x Alpha Tyrranax
1 x Mountain
1 x Geth's Verdict
1 x Rotted Hystrix
1 x Psychic Barrier
1 x Trigon of Mending
1 x Death-Hood Cobra
1 x Island
1 x Stoic Rebuttal
1 x Choking Fumes
2 x Vivisection
1 x Rally the Forces
1 x Victorious Destruction
1 x Due Respect
1 x Spined Thopter
1 x Carapace Forger
1 x Horrifying Revelation
1 x Loxodon Wayfarer
1 x Suture Priest
1 x Bonehoard
1 x Dross Hopper
1 x Fume Spitter
1 x Neurok Commando
1 x Island
1 x Nihil Spellbomb
1 x Mutagenic Growth
2 x Caustic Hound
1 x Dross Ripper
1 x Septic Rats
1 x Tower of Calamities
1 x Pistus Strike
1 x Artillerize
1 x Turn the Tide
1 x Phyrexian Hulk
1 x Glint Hawk
1 x Geosurge
1 x Serum Raker
1 x Priests of Norn
1 x Acid Web Spider
1 x Deceiver Exarch
1 x Strider Harness
1 x Fangren Marauder
1 x Hexplate Golem
1 x Crush
1 x Crush
1 x Ruthless Invasion
1 x Island
1 x Gitaxian Probe
1 x Shatter
1 x Tel-Jilad Fallen
1 x Plains
1 x Gore Vassal
1 x Vedalken Infuser
1 x Grafted Exoskeleton
1 x Revoke Existence
1 x Grim Affliction
1 x Viridian Harvest
1 x Echo Circlet
1 x Island
1 x Melt Terrain
2 x Plains

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