FNM (7/8/2011): What deck are you playing? Post results and match-ups.

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Pretty much what the thread title says.

Post what you played and what your matchups looked like. Last standard meta like this till M12 comes in. You can of course post early what deck you are playing and why you made the deck choice, if you don't feel your competition is listening in.

<a href="http://www.wizards.com/Magic/PlaneswalkerPoints/1206663433"><img src="http://pwp.wizards.com/1206663433/Scorecards/Landscape.png" border="0" /></a>

I played mono blue grand architect. I tied for first place going 3-0-1. First round was against a weird monored mimic vat deck, beat it fairly easily in two games. Second round against U/B control. Beat it easily two games( think I loss 5 life total and 4 was from my own hex parasites). Third round was against goblins. First game I go first, play coralhelm followed by grand architect into lodestone golem, followed by turn 4 double phyrexian metamorph on the lodestone golem. Lost the second game pretty bad. Third game was close and I was playing from behind most of it. Got the land I need for wurmcoil when I was at like 7 life. Went down to 4 before the lifegain just won it for me. Fourth round was u/b control again. We decided just to draw and split first place, but played our round for fun anyway. Won both games because of lighthouse chronologist, but they were a lot closer than against the other u/b list.

"This list much made Niche barf a lil' in his mouth, so I can be proud of that." -rstnme

I ran UW Control and went 3-1

Round 1: White Knights 2-1: He got me one game through sheer rush and great draws. I was up against the wall most of the game on the draw.

Round 2: White Weenie 2-0: Newer player, but he played well.

Round 3: Mass Polymorph 1-2: I kinda felt bad losing against this deck. My only big derp of the game was the round I won anyway. The first round most of my removal was sorcery speed and I was getting beat up my Glint Hawk Idols and Chimeric Masses. The last game I mull'd to 5 and got stuck with a 2 lander for a long time. When I found land it was Tec Edged and I had no counter for his Mass Poly.

Round 4: Mono Black Control 2-0: I have heavy SB hate for mono-black because there is a lot of focus on it. First game just went my way. The last round I hated it out.

<a href="http://www.wizards.com/Magic/PlaneswalkerPoints/1206663433"><img src="http://pwp.wizards.com/1206663433/Scorecards/Landscape.png" border="0" /></a>

I played RDW, beat two new players but they still had fun so I'm happy, but lost to valakut because I hadn't played the deck or against it since three months ago (oops shoulda thought about that first) and was like lotus cobra? nah not important lolz!

I think I would have had a tough time anyway, valakut is a nasty matchup. we're practically racing each other, and valaku is a little more able to interact with my creatures than I am with his. but they can get 4 damage or 6 in before they die usually, so I need to figure out how I can stall the titans or valakuts, and the available LD for RDW is not good enough. just a turn would make me comfortable. maybe 5-6 act effects in the sideboard might be good too.

I should see if there are standard events besides valakut that I could play  in just 3 rounds a week is not enough to satisfy me, esp. since half of them are against unprepared opponents.
I played my UW planeswalker control and went 3-1 with my only loss being to Eldrazi Ramp. Before I left for FNM I thought I should play some Luminarch ascension in the side, but then thought what are the odds someone plays MGE? I was wrong and it was round 1 and it was just an uninteractive one for me.
I will be prepared for the deck next time, plus with the success of my deck in my local meta many have begun to copy the list card for card, so Ascension will wreck the mirror for my imitators.
I placed fifth and my Fiancee placed 4th playing B/R vampires.
Blue White CONTROL
I play a Black/White Cleric deck Suture PriestMyrsmith,Hovermyr,Blinding Souleater Memnite The white and black Exarches with a Sun Titan and a Sheoldred.  Mainly, its meant to hold them off with myrs and draw their burn/kill spells on creatures such as Myr smith to stop my advance then when the Titan hits, start bringing out my white exarches and popping them for 2 life each.  and Sheoldred is there to bring back out my black exarches and Titan.  Works quite well,  Against burn decks I side board in a White leyline over one of my two Norn's Annex creature decks I keep in both Annex.  Isolation Cell is a good drop to widdle at life and to sometimes make them want to hold off maybe one more turn to drop another land to avoid the affect.  The deck works like a charm and it is incredibly fun when all their burn/kills are used early and suddenly I drop my Shrine of Loyal Legions with the Tempered Steel and undo all their work.... Not to mention that makes the Hovermyr's big and vigilant over their heads.  only downfall I have found is blue because after game one they hold onto counters for Titan and Sheoldred and Shrine. Wrecks my plan
If my friend has it built for me, I'm rocking U/G tokens this week. Here's the list I'm looking at so far:

4 Birds of Paradise
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Nest Invader
4 Sylvan Ranger
4 Sea Gate Oracle
4 Kozilek's Predator

4 Overrun
4 Unified Will
3 Eldrazi Monument
2 Garruk Wildspeaker

4 Ancestral Recall (Shared Discovery, it's so awesome it gets its own section)

6 Forest
4 Misty Rainforest
4 Khalni Garden
3 Island 
2 Halimar Depths

Sideboard is up in the air, requires 4x Mortarpod and 4x Flashfreeze and probably 3x Negate at least. Then you gotta pick from stuff like Dismember, Nature's Claim, Obstinate Baloth, additional Garruk/Monument, etc. to fill it out.

This deck is a lot better than you'd think. It made me put down playing Jund last year.
Current decks: Type II: B/R Vampires Extended: Modern: U/G Scapeshift 1.5: Ichorid, Elf Combo
Played a variation of R/W Tempered Steel last week, just minused the Jor Kadeen in favor of HoverMyr.

Went 2-1-1. Got crushed by Splinter Twin Round 1. Knew it was going to happen when I mull'd down to 5 and still didn't have Purge in hand. Had a Dismember but he had Spellskite. Game two was the same, Had Dismember, but no Purge, and had my Spellskite bounced.

Tempered Steel is good when it goes, and horrible when it doesn't.

Round 2, beat Vamp's 2-1. Nothing spectacular. Had Tempered in opening hand with a pair of plains and Opal.

Round 3, Kred, he got me both games. Game 1, I couldn't find anything but Signal Pest for pump, and none of my Whipflare's, or Purges.

Round 4, we decided to draw, as neither was making top 8.

Tempered Steel is far too inconsistent for me to keep playing it. Even the Mono-White list's are prone to dead draw's. Will shelve the deck until I get Adaptive Automation for the list, and find what to change to make it more consistent. Can't complain, it's far more consistent that the other fast aggro- deck's like Kred. Maybe the Tez list's are better, but haven't tested them. Will be going back to Esper-control or U/W control now that O-ring is back.
Just went 3-1 at my FNM and I shouldn't have.

I mean seriously, look at this list that I was running.

12x Island
11x Plains
1x Evolving Wilds

2x Gideon's Lawkeeper
2x Aether Adept
2x Stormfront Pegasus
1x Kor Hookmaster
1x Cloud Elemental
1x Sea Gate Oracle
1x Assault Griffin
1x Phantasmal Dragon
1x Merfolk Looter
1x Pride Guardian
1x Aegis Angel
1x Wall of Omens
1x Sejiri Merfolk

1x Stave Off
1x Ponder
1x Eland Umbra
2x Turn to Frog
1x Redirect
3x Cancel 
1x Journey to Nowhere
1x Iona's Judgement
1x Sleep
2x Pacifism
1x Divination
1x Pitfall Trap
1x Negate
1x Mind Control
1x Trusty Machete
1x Gideon Jura


I beat Goblins, Immolating Souleater.dec, and Mono-B infect. I forgot who the fourth game was but I lost to it. 
Holy smokes.  What did you do, up your M12 Prerelease deck to 60 and roll?  Completely awesome.  I don't suppose I'd have any idea how to play against it, so..  I mean, it looks like you have enough disruption to basically function like a competent tempo aggro deck.  Major props, man.

catowner wrote:
Welcome to 2012. Blue has the most efficient creatures, black has the all-in monocolored aggro deck, the most controlling deck in the format is green-red, control decks lose to aggro in attrition wars, and counterspells aren't an answer to fatties.
Islands wrote:
Pack Rat is like Bitterblossom and Tarmogoyf had a black baby.
Holy smokes.  What did you do, up your M12 Prerelease deck to 60 and roll?

This exactly.

I'm going to say that the card that won the most games was assault griffin. 

Anyways, just traded a P-Titan for a 2x Sun Titans, Day of Judgement, that card that when it dies it exiles a permanent, and that creature with landfall make a 1/1 bird thingy. So some changes are going to happen. 
Your avatar sums up your deck perfectly.
Your avatar sums up your deck perfectly.

I actually shrugged like that when someone there asked me how it did so well.
I went with a Tempered Steel that I am cobbling together a bit on the fly, as I was not sure of my Control deck actually working last week.

22 Plains

4x Menmite
4x Signal Pest
4x Vault Skirge
4x Spined Thopter
4x Glint Hawk
3x Icorclaw Myr
2x Chimeric Mass
2x Indomintable Angel

4x Tempered Steel
3x Dispatch
4x Glinthawk Idol

2 Leonine Arbitrator
1 Tupor Orb
2 Rachet Bombs
3 Leonin Relic Warden
3 Appostle's Blessings
4 Demystify

Won against Tezzeret, Lost against GW Allies and Elves. Sideboard needs to be changed up, and probably should add in some Contested Battlegrouns. Sideboard also is being changed with Oblivion Rings and Norn's Annex,
The eyebrows and mouth expression also really help sell it.  It simultaneously says "come at me bro" and "y u mad."
I played monoR goblins last time, went 2-2 (one bye), lost to GW birthing pod and UW puresteel, beat UB control to pulp. Propably going to try valakut next, today.
"And the word my father taught me that evening, the word meaning 'the strongest', was mage." - Tezzeret the seeker, Test of Metal
I Played valakut, went 3-1.
1.round RDW 2-0 to me
2.round kuldotha red 2-0 to me
3. round weird esper control 2-1 to me, he kept two hands he should have mulliganed
4. round Tezzeret control 0-2 I draw very badly despite mulligans in two games. The classic "drawing only lands and titans" opening hands against control, with the only ramp spells being dealt with (tapping battlement with magnet, inquisition on explore, despise on simulacrum) I had no chance with the cards I had. I dont feel it was the decks fault, I just plain drew badly. These things happen.
My valakut as a whole is 6-1 now though.

4 explore
4 growth spasm
4 overgrown battlement
2 rampant growth
2 solemn simulacrum
2 harrow

4 primeval titan
2 avenger of zendikar
2 wurmcoil engine

4 green sun's zenith
2 pyroclasm
2 beast within

4 valakut
3 terramorphic expanse
7 forest
12 mountain

2 obstinate baloth
2 pyroclasm
1 solemn simulacrum
2 summoning trap
2 gaea's revenge
2 nature's claim
4 lotus cobra
"And the word my father taught me that evening, the word meaning 'the strongest', was mage." - Tezzeret the seeker, Test of Metal
Last FNM I played RDW Goblin build.

Went 2-2-1

Round 1 ran into mirror match. Walked him clean two games in a row.

Round 2 same story, mirror match.

Round 3 Some MBC contraption. After talking with some of the other guy's in the store, it's confirmed this guy has been caught cheating previously. I think he was cheating against me. Game 1 he mull's down to 4, and I walked all over him extremely easily. Game 2 he pulled the Duress, land drop every turn into Nighthawk then Obliterator. Game 3 was an exact copy of game two. Not sure what to say about as I didn't think about it until after the round that I was just scammed on that game. That's fine I have Goblin Grenade in that deck now, so I can just play around an Obl. I will be shuffling his cards everytime I run into him from now on.

Round 4 I played another RDW. This time I think it was a Big Red build, although I never saw her Koth. I got her game 1 but she sided in Perilous Myr, and I had no way to play around them. At least I don't think I did.

Round 5 we called it a draw. It was against my brother and he had a better chance of top 8 that night.

Word's of advice, never play a deck you are unfamiliar with. I played this deck for the first time in Round 1. I've never played RDW before in my life. I liked it though, as it was a fun deck to play. Even all of the mirror match's that I ran into were fun. The only bad one was the guy that cheated me out of my Top 8. After thinking about it, that was the second time I've ran into this guy, and both times he's pulled the god hand's (cheated) on me. Must mean something if he can't beat me without cheating. I know he's never top 8'd in my store, but I normally do with both Tempered Steel and my normal UW decks that I usually play.
How do you know he cheated and why didnt you report him?
Like, for instance, once you've cut his deck, what could he do? He should be riffle shuffling too, dems the rules.
The only bad one was the guy that cheated me out of my Top 8. After thinking about it, that was the second time I've ran into this guy, and both times he's pulled the god hand's (cheated) on me. Must mean something if he can't beat me without cheating. I know he's never top 8'd in my store, but I normally do with both Tempered Steel and my normal UW decks that I usually play.

You shouldn't call people cheaters lightly. Need bit more suspicious behaviour than just god-hands.

On topic, today I continued to play my valakut, only changed 2 simulacrums into 2 rampant growths to make a full set of rampants.

I went 2-1, beat an infect deck and RUG birthing pod deck. My deck as a whole is now 8-2 over three FNMs, with both losses attributed to UB Tezzeret control.
"And the word my father taught me that evening, the word meaning 'the strongest', was mage." - Tezzeret the seeker, Test of Metal
Got my first first place! Used my blue green infect with pumps lashes and inkmoth nexus'....

Beat a black red burn, kill, and bloodthirst (new player though)

Beat a Red burn deck but his downfall was he had very few instants...mostly sorceries so my Nexus' had a field-day

Smashed a Blue white control deck...6 turns won the whole match 2-0

Beat a Green mana ramp and creature production but Lash on the Blighted agent ended that one fast

Ended beating a Tumble Magnet Spell-skite decks with Tezzeret...This one took FOREVER because my pumps were worth-less...every time we played...all three games he had at least 2 spell skites or 3 tumble magnets on the field in first couple drops...Wanted to call Shenannigans but I kept on keepin on...beat him vanilla with the Nexus'... he had no fly-block and Agents are unblockable anyway...and he had no kill spells...that was his downfall 
Okay... I made the U/W deck tons better and yesterday I got 1st. Completely undefeated in all of the games.


11x Plains
10x Islands
1x Glacial Fortress
1x Terramorphic Expanse
1x Evolving Wilds

3x Aether Adept
1x Kor Sanctifiers
1x Emeria Angel
1x Gideon's Lawkeeper
3x Blade Splicer
1x Sea Gate Oracle
1x Wall of Omens
2x Archon of Justice
2x Sun Titan
3x Merfolk Looter

1x Venser, the Sojourner
1x Gideon Jura
2x Day of Judgment
3x Pacifism
1x Jace's Ingenuity
1x Redirect
2x Mana Leak
1x Journey to Nowhere
1x Sword of Feast and Famine
1x Pitfall Trap
2x Ponder
1x Cancel
1x Ice Cage

3x Celestial Purge
3x Flashfreeze
2x Lone Missionary
1x Pacifism
1x Sejiri Merfolk
1x Mind Control
1x Divination
1x Gideon's Lawkeeper
1x Redirect
1x Druidic Satchel

I've been loving how this deck has been performing. There is so much synergy that goes on in this deck. Blade Splicer, Aether Adepts, Oracles, and Wall of Omens stalls early enough to start pulling out the different threats that win the game. If you grab a Sun Titan, the CA and Tempo you get from grabbing Splicers and Adepts are just insane.

I have never been unhappy with an adept. I was always pleased everytime I played him. The other guy will have a pretty rough time with an adept and a Venser out at the same time. Grabbing him with the Titan is amazing. I'll swing with the Titan and grab the adept to bounce your blocker. Gideons are amazing if you are able to hold the creatures down. Ponder + Evolving Wilds grabs you the stuff you need. A Venser and a Sun Titan is just sick. If you have a Gideon out as well, you can always flicker Gideon when he starts running out of counters.

Everything in this deck just seems to have so much synergy. 
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