[DND4e] Mass Effect 4th Edition Experimental Campaign [IRC/PbP]

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How's it going?  

If you're interested in playing in a Mass Effect campaign based on DND4e please contact me at avatar.sage7@gmail.com.  When you email me also indicate in your subject whether you prefer IRC or PbP in your subject header (i.e. [IRC], [PbP]).

It's being run out of personal interest as a fan of ME and a desire to play test my conversions.  


The scheduling depends on the number of interested players and their preferences who get in touch and will be posted to a public online calendar like Google, Doodle or a blog (all contact information will be held in confidence).  

The location will primarily be online in a permanent IRC channel #Crossroads_of_the_Lost.  

[Play by Post]
There is another campaign being run by PbP (Play by Post) on a WordPress blog through comments.  It will be updated at a frequency from 1/day to 1/week ideally.  

The material is based on all 4e books to date, d20 Modern conversions, d20 SWRPG Saga conversions and d20 Future conversions.  

Dice rolling will be conducted by the Dungeon Master (DM) until a suitable automated dice bot option can be found.  

Players don't need to be familiar with anything except 4e.  

DM offers are welcome and will be kept in mind.  

As a DM I have over 13 years of experience (and 3-5 years as a player) and have played in nearly every setting from DND2e to DND4e.
Mass Effect RPG Group for DND Available:  community.wizards.com/masseffect
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