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The little indent at the end of the Primal Vampire Feat is a bit odd:
"Once per encounter, when your primal encounter power hits at least one enemy, you gain a healing surge."
"You gain two bonus healing surges(?)

When coupled with the previous entry on the attack I assumed it meant that you got three healing surges.

My friend argues it means that "your total healing surge value increases by two for a day."

I think his is more in balance with the other feats, but I also feel the feat is still worded poorly for that, thoughts?

Vampirism feat makes your number of surges 2.
Primal Vampire gives you two bonus surges, bringing your total maximum to 4.
When you hit with your primal encounter power, you can gain a surge, +1 to whatever you had at the time.  If you end combat over 4, you heal to max health and lose any excess surges.
Primal Vampire isn't nearly as cool as say, Martial Vampire.  Vampirism and related feats are all about steady-state healing surge usage, not burst.
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