Suggestions on my current story

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Well, my old guy died since I have to leave state (I was getting kind if tired of him anyways) so I am pulling out my back up

It is a (either human or half elf), the son of a powerful merchant lord who lost his money from drinking and gambling after his wife died. He sent his only son away from the house in a drunken stupor, not to return. So his son (my character) left, to be apprenticed to a now retired epic level fighter, who taught him the ways of being a fighter (he is 20 he left home at 15)
He will be attempting to rebuild his families fortune, and give his mother a proper burial (she was just dumped in a hole by her broke husband. He will journey with the party, feeling that the bbeg is a threat to his home, and what remains of his family. His only real goals are to make amends with his father (if he is still alive), amass a fortune, and restart his ancestral trade of being a merchant, OR staying and training a new generation of fighters. He was also taught to be a merchant from childhood.

If he is a half elf, I have decided he will be the product of an illicit affair between said merchant lord and an elf, and, being bitter that he is being cheated out of what he perceives as his rightful inheritance, he killed the merchant lords wife, driving him to do what he does to his actual son (he married her after the half elf was born, 5 year after to be exact) both of them will be actively hunting the other to either find out why he did it, or to finish what he started. Both decide the party could help them with it. The human will be unaligned or good, and the half elf would be more of a lawful evil or unaligned with evil tendencies. Both were trained as fighters.

Any advice on the backstory and which you think I should go? I kind of like the pure humans a bit more for se reason.