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I can't see all of your post or it got cut off. But to keep things running smoothly, I think there are (at least) three ways to play this - one is the child is evil intrinsically (inexplicably?) from birth, that the child comes from a society that rewards evil actions, and the last and perhaps most challenging is the child has been brainwashed in the way of child soldiers. Obviously one would not call the last case Evil, but the actions done are usually considered evil.

 The first one is creepy because we expect innocence, not evil, from a child. The next is distrubing for a similar reason, but this child can strangely be innocent and unaware that its actions are "wrong" - it will likely know they are Evil, but think that is a good thing. The last is the least scary but tugs at other emotions.

The first is also likely more intelligent/cunning than a child at that age should be. The second and third might have skills in stealth or combat, but are still mentally in their age group and think like children would.

One way to combine all three in a horror campaign is having the first kill its parents, then raise its siblings in the second way. The first child then sends its siblings off to recruit other children, giving you the third category.

Mind you, I don't think I could handle any of this over a long campaign.
If you're looking for something mechanical, I think Heroes of Horror has the unholy scion template for this.

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My suggestion:

The child is usually seen with a slaver that specializes in children, it turns out later that the slaver was once the father of the child. The child would be the behind-the-scenes BBEG, having been born with an affinity for evil (to quote a line I once heard: 'there's nothing crueler than a child') in a trusting society, with magic in his blood (akin to the sorceror having arcane power be more a genetic thing as opposed to the style of a wizard). Every night he would whisper to his father in his sleep, enchanted words to make the father murder the mother and become a slaver to garner some power in the right circles while staying out of sight of would be heroes. He could also possibly hypnotize his father to beat him so that if anyone ever discovers he's the brains behind the small slave trade that's cropped up, he could bluff that his rough upbringing made him so ruthless (although more of a last resort, if anyone discovers he can manipulate his father to such an extent it could be dangerous to assume this bluff would work). Now, why would he want to start up a slave trade you ask? Why, when you're a child, who do you best represent? Children of course! Nothing beats making friends with mind flayers with promises of tastier brains in the heads of children! Additionally, slaves are well spread out through the underdark, derro need more test subjects that have longer life spans than adults and what better plot hook than PC's discovering a cult that regularly sacrifices children?
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