Just got my first batch of D&D minis...


I'm new to D&D and I found a store near me that still sells boxes of the different sets of minis and also individual minis. Anyway, I bought a bunch of them and I have to say that these are great. They look really cool and its quite exciting when you first open the boxes not knowing which random minis you will get. Having said that, I can see how it would annoy customers that want to pick which minis they buy according to their needs.

Anyway, there is no real point to this post. I just wanted to say that the minis are great and that Wizards should really reconsider their decision to cancel these...
I agree, welcome to the fold.
Wizards is not an unwise company.  I imagine they will return to minis if they become profitable in future.  But in the mean time, might I suggest the DDMGuild as your one-stop source for free rulebooks, stat cards, and scenarios?
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