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I believe the oracle wording on Extinguish should read, "Counter target instant or sorcery spell." As currently written as just countering sorcery spells, I think it deviates from its functionality as I'm sure these were used not only to counter other combat tricks, but to counter each other within the set. I believe Extinguish should be able to counter itself, as it would be able to do within the set as printed, and so I believe it should be reworded to counter instants as well. 
This really goes along with the "Portal instants should be sorceries with flash" argument. That is the most sensible argument, since it keeps cards' original functionality within the set while maintaining their current, sensible interactions with non-Portal cards.

That, however, is (and has been) a topic for another thread, where it's been dismissed. Even though the current wording is "broken", it's been decided to keep it as is. Randomly adding instants to a card with no indication whatsoever it can counter them has been deemed non-sensical, and the other reasonable option has been dismissed. There's no reason to discuss Extinguish without discussing the rest of the cards in the set, and there's no reason to discuss those because it's beating a dead horse.
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