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I need a bit of help here... 

I made this NPC that the PC's in my adventure will have to kill. The NPC is a LvL 4 Human Fighter and has a heavy warhorse. He has 

He has Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack and Spirited Charge. (also Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization: Lance)

So when my evil rider charges an enemy, do I combine horse and rider damage, or just rider damage? 

The reason I'm asking this is because the rider already does (1d8+8)x3 damage on hit (Spirited Charge and Lance add x3 bonus).

That seems a bit too much so I need to know wheather to include hoof attack from the horse.  

Charging is really good.

Include the hoof attack if the horse ends movement adjascent to an opponent. If the horse passes by, don't include it.

Remember to include the horse in your CR calculations if it is a combatant. If no one fights it, and it doesn't plan to fight you can probably ignore it.

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Thanks for clearing that up. 
If you have the trample feat, then you can overrun an enemy and do a hoof attack if your enemy is knocked prone.
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