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I'm playing M:TG again after a long hiatus. The problem is i sold my cards and the box they were in when i quit many moons ago. More cards i can get but only now do i realize how good my storage case was and i can't find another. It looks like this and i bought it at K-Mart in the mid/late '90s for about $15 US. Any info on its origins or where i can get another would be great. Thanks!
Yes i know these are Spellfire cards, quit laughing
I have a story to tell you... you might want to sit down for this...

In 2009 Someone on mtg salvation posted this thread:

Alright, so I have this tackle-box looking card case that I've had for AGES, I love the bloody thing. It's got room for a ton of decks or trades, dividers, a sekrit compartment for trades or dice or whatnot, and a nice latch for security, but well... it's been dropped and kicked and had dogs thrown at it too many times, and the handle and latch are loose. In other words, I should replace it, but I'm having a devil of a time finding the darned thing. I found the PATENT INFORMATION before finding anyone who sells them. Eventually I found a sports card place that has them listed, but they're sold out; another one that their shopping card doesn't work, a wholesaler that seems to be selling a newer (uglier) version, but I'm not willing or legally able to buy from them. 

So, does ANYONE know where I might go to find one of these? Or, are there 49 other people who'd want to buy some if I could get 50 wholesale? :P I'd really appreciate any tips anyone has on it, the box is ace and I've never found another quite so handy.

To which I replied:

HOLY CRAP! I can't believe you even found a PICTURE of this thing. I have one, which i must have gotten over 12 years ago, and a couple years ago I looked everywhere online and couldn't find a damn thing. Mine is still in OK condition, but i'd love to find a place i could find another one. It really is the best deck/stuff carrier that i've ever encountered. Almost everyone that sees mine asks me where i got it. 

That sports expressions place is probably out of business, but it might be worth giving Online sports a call to see if they can still get them. If all that fails, I might show that times design site to my local card shop owner to see if he's willing to stock them.

If you find a way to get one, i'd love to hear about it. Seriously.

Best. Case. Ever.

Then, after some research followed with this:

Ok, so i have good news and bad news....

Good news is I found a way to buy these cases straight from the manufacturer....

Bad news is I bought them all.

They've been discontinued for over 3 years (their only retailer was target at that point), and they only had 5 units left in their warehouse (6 come in a case, but one was "destroyed" somehow, couldn't even get it for parts.) The woman I spoke to was nice enough to give me a wholesaler price if i bought all 5, so I went with it, since, beyond the people who i was actively ordering for, there are several other people in my gaming community who have shown an interest.

I made it very clear to the woman whom i spoke to that there is still a demand for these cases, as most of the cases for ccg's sold today are far inferior. She told me she wouldn't say they'd "never" be made again, but couldn't say when it might happen.

So I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn't look like these will be available for the forseeable future. I guess it's possible some Target store somewhere has them in leftover stock, but it's unlikely, as stores like that typically just mark prices down on products till they move.

After offering the remainders for sale to interested friends, If I have any left, i may sell them on ebay or something, and if i do i'll make sure to post here, (and send VestDan a msg in particular) but it's unlikely.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Here's hoping they come to their senses and start making them again.

To summarize:

The company, Suncast, hasn't made them in years, and I got the last five from the manufacturer, which went to my playgroup. It probably won't make any difference, but you can send an email to the person who helped me purchase the last ones from Suncast and add your name to the list of people who hope the company starts making them again.

Caryl Theilgaard, Consumer Response Supervisor

Try to be nice though, she doesn't really have the power to get the company to bring the cases back, but if enough interest is displayed, maybe someone will take notice. 

Sorry, but it's nice to hear from another fan of the best card case ever. 
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@#$%! Oh, well. let me fire off an e-mail, and thanks for the help.
That case looks awesome... If someone finds one pm me.
This is one of those amazing incidences of a product that is mass produced as a one-shot during the height of a fad.  In the late-90's TCGs were all the rage and so there were numerous corresponding products.  Once the market settled down to a steady one, demand for products like this one wasn't high enough to warrant continued manufacture of the product.  Something this specialized has to be mass produced in one shot to be costed properly to give consumer value and pull a profit for the manufacturer and retailer.

Sad that it's no longer made.  Cool that it was ever made in the first place.
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while we're here, does anyone know where to buy a good case for some cards? I know Home Depot has a black/yellow one that my roommate got, but it's not technically meant for cards. 
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