Is it finally a complete deck yet?

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I have been working on this for awhile and have had many posts and/or versions of it on here and i am just praying it is finally acceptable in the community!

B/G Saproling

4 utopia mycon
3 deathspore thallid 
3 mycoloth
3 sporoloth ancient
3 thallid shell-dweller
2 thelon of havenwood
2 thelonite hermit
3 gleeful sabotage
3 autumn's veil
2 doubling season
2 grave pact
2 life and limb
2 sporogenesis
2 saproling symbiosis
2 eldrazi monument
4 golgari rot farm
4 savage lands
8 forest
6 swamp 
The only problem I have with it is Autumn's Veil is more of a specific color card. I would suggest taking them out and putting in 2 Asceticisms instead unless I knew what cards the opponent had. Maybe you could put in another Deathspore Thallid or some other black spell?

Besides that one little issue, I think the deck is really good.

Edit: Isn't their an infinite mana and creature combo with Saprolings? You already have two of the three cards I believe.

The card I was thinking of: Sprout Swarm
It's not infinite mana, but you can get a lot with two Doubling Seasons and tapping the tokens it just made to pay for the cost.
You could use Selesnya Guildmage as infinite creatures on its own if you have two Doubling Seasons on the field, but its tied to a creature. It doesn't need to tap though, so the combo could be played as soon as you play him.

I don't think you deck really needs any infinite creature combos though, they're just funny to win with (attacking with 12,000,000,000 saproling tokens to win is pretty hillarious).
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