Hybrid Ranger/Fighter Revenant...what next?

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I've asked this before, and thought I had an answer, but now I'm doubting it.

I'm playing a Revenant (Eladrin) Ranger/Tempest-Fighter who fights with a Double Sword.  Our game is just hitting 11th and I need to decide what direction to go in.

Originally I'd just figured I'd do Kensai and call it a day.  But, while the mechanical benefit is certainly sweet... I'm not sure that it's worth it from a 'fun' perspective.  Also, I'm not sure how much longer we'll play these characters past this level, so the 16th level bonus may never materialize.

Another option I'd considered is Multiclassing into Assassin and taking the Soul Thief path.  My dex bonus is only one behind my str, and since its encounter power is vs will my accuracy wouldn't suffer too much.  Our DM lets us start each day with 2 Action points, so the ability to use my shards would come in probably once a fight, if not more.

From a purely fluff stance, I like the Avenging Haunt.  The encounter power is off turn, so that's sweet and monster damage is greater than PC damage so it seems like a pretty good power (except the accuracy sucks).  And I love the utility and the 16th level ability is even better than the Paragon REvenant Feat, which I'll be taking.  But...I feel like it might be far weaker than my initial read.

Any other suggestions?  Not super overwhelmed with ShockTrooper.  I mean, they are pretty cool, and the encounter power is sweet, but for some reason they don't seem to do enough when stacked against the Kensai.

So yeah, if there are some other fun mixes, multiclassing options or what not, I'd love to hear them!  Oh, we are playing in Eberron for what it's worth.  Thanks in advance.

Wrong forum, unless you want to optimize fun ;) You want "What's a Player to do?".
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