7/6/2011 BoaB: "Core Set Musings"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Building on a Budget, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
I'm suprized Blunt the Assault didn't make the turbo-fog list.
Visons is NOT an obvious staple for legacy dredge. Careful study is better early and mid game since it discards. Late game it is ok, but mental missteps mean a one mana cost card that doesnt discard is not going to be played.
Revoke existence is a threat... >.<
Why would you put Rest for the Weary in a deck like this.  You'll be preventing damage anyway and it won't stop straight burns from adding counters to the ascension.  And the nature of Noxious Revival (phy-mana and instant) is anti climax with the ascension as well.

Wall of Omens seems to be a much better fit.
worship the horn
First of all, Jacob makes a lot of good observations in this article, and that shouldn't go without mention. 

 Visions of Beyond is obviously a staple for Legacy dredge decks.

Um... no. Dredge has better things to do once it's got 20 cards in the graveyard (like win the game).
After all, dredge plays its own wacky version of magic, where card advantage is about cards in the graveyard, not cards in hand. As a dredge enabler and combo starter, Visions of Beyond is vastly outclassed by other cards like Breakthrough and Golgari Grave-Troll. The only place left for it would be to restock after a setback, but if your opponent is trying to nuke you playing dredge, they're not about to leave 20+ cards in your graveyard.

It also doesn't really have a place against dredge either. It's a sideboard card since it draws you one against every other deck, and I doubt anyone will honestly spend 4 sideboard slots for dredge hate on something that doesn't really hate dredge. Drawing 3 cards is nice advantage, but your opponent is busy dumping 20+ more cards into their "hand" too. Tormod's Crypt and Leyline would be much better. 
You'll forget you ever read this the minute you look away.
Veslfen's House of Bone-Dry Sarcasm
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there is nothing "epic" about a turn one victory. ever. or really any magic game, for that matter.
So this one time, I wanted to play a game of Magic with my friend, but he was in another country and neither of us had Magic Online. I hitchhiked my way to the coast, barely fending off hungry wildlife when I couldn't get a ride, nearly dying of thirst crossing deserts, and posoning myself half to death foraging for food. At one point, I was taken hostage by a group of kidnappers, only managing to escape after a week of careful planning thanks to careful application of a rusty spoon. Once I reached the coast, I had no money to buy a ticket across the ocean, so I built a boat using my own two hands, and spent months sailing across the waves, nearly losing my deck as I swam to the shore of a desert island in a storm after being capsized by an enormous wave. Nearly delusional after so long with no human contact (the notches I cut in the single tree to tell time had long since felled the thing) I was eventually rescued by a passing ship, where I was taken aboard as a crew member. We sailed around the world, seeing many exotic places and having great adventures, before we finally arrived at my friend's country. Once more I stumbled across a desolate landscape, riding on train or car when I could, and going on foot when I could not. Eventually, weary to the bone, seven years after I started my journey, I arrived at my friend's house, clutching my well-worn and weathered deck to my chest. We shuffled up our decks, I won the roll. Gleefully, I laid down my cards. Black Lotus. My friend looked quizzically at me, wondering what I was about to do. After so long, he no longer knew what deck I had brought with me to this game. Flash. A knowing smile appears on my friend's face as the knowledge slowly returns to him. Protean Hulk. My friend extends his hand, knowing the game is over before it even started. And finally, after so many trials, the sweet taste of victory is mine.
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So no one else is upset with the stunt Wizards just pulled to drive sales?
Drive sales of what? Non-Jace, non-Mystic cards? I'm pretty sure people already own more than eight Magic cards. If you don't, I feel for you. Maybe you can trade those Stoneforge Mystics, which are still quite valuable, for some.
I assume the Revival's there so you can cast it on your own fogs, in which case you can pay the phyrexian cost on your own turn and not cost yourself ascension counters in doing so.
Probably need some Leyline of Sanctity in that list, even maindeck, if you want to beat red decks or decks with discard spells (i.e. the whole format). As a bonus, it makes life much more difficult for Valakut (until they board in Nature's Claim).

More Howling Mines would be prudent as well, to make sure the Fogs keep coming. Personally, I'd go Bant for Jace Beleren, but Temple Bell also exists.
I assume the Revival's there so you can cast it on your own fogs, in which case you can pay the phyrexian cost on your own turn and not cost yourself ascension counters in doing so.

Not to mention, you don't have to pay life to cast Noxious Revival.
Elixir of Immortality!
No Personal Sanctuary? Its pretty much a persistent Fog on attacking creatures.
At the beginning of each opponent's end step, if you didn't lose life that turn, Luminarch Ascension triggers. If it resolves, you get to put a counter. There's not problem in casting Noxious Revival after that. Also, as someone said, you can just pay :G: anyway.
I think Temple Bell and regular Jace are rotating out with M12, no?

No Personal Sanctuary? Its pretty much a persistent Fog on attacking creatures.

It only prevents damage during your turn, not their turn.

M11 and M12 will be in standard together for several months until Innistrad comes along.
I think Soul Parry might be a better fit than Rest for the Weary - especially running so many Day of Judgment effects.
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