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I think the strongest is going to be red, and weakest will be blue. (not as many flyers as i would like not even an air servant so I think blue is the support color in this set much like red was in m11.

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I agree with you about red seeming like being the strongest color, White also weems strong.  Blue the weakest but it seems possible to build a blue mill deck with 2 commons and 1 uncommon.
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White: Griffins are all good and all common, so flyers is pretty easy and solid.  Pacifism + O-ring are A+++ material.  I don't think it's plabale by itself though.

Blue: Has some of the best bombs, like Mind Control and Sphinxes, but doesn't have a very strong common pool.  With all the EtB trigger fatties in the set, though, Cancel and Mana Leak could be huge for limited.  Definitely secondary color material, though.

Black: Has good tools at all levels of rarity, but also has some big whiffs.  Pretty solid, I think with a little luck you could go mono-color.

Red: Has the best commons, with 3 powerful common burn spells and several undercosted bloodthirst guys + enablers.  Everyone's probably going to be pulling for Red, though, so it'll be hard to run mono.  Dragon's Claw might actually be a decent pick!

Green: Awesome beats, has control spells for once, Hunter's Insight is one of the better card draw spells in the format, and has lots of Hexproof beaters.  Seems pretty solid all around, pairs well with all the other colors, like always.  Also, Overrun at uncommon is stupid.

In summary, Red is the best color but you will have to fight tooth and nail to get it, blue is the weakest but provides the best assurance against the best stuff in the format, everything else is totally playable.
White looks like one of the more consistent colors imo. Almost all of its cards are good in limited, and it has a good amount of evasion, removal, and bombs.
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Fog Hunter's Insight Cudgel Troll Plummet Overrun Gladecover Scout

Green is smash'em bash'em and get further ahead in this set. Every time I've played I've been able to go green/white or green/blue and just control the field and constantly have a full hand to play on.

As a main color it is insane; I won't be surprised to see it as the winning color after Monday's lists are put up. With white you get your Oblivion Ring and Pacifism not to mention Timely Reinforcements. Let's not forget the bombs.

With blue, you get Mana Leak Frost Breath Cancel and Sleep easily.

Every time I've managed to draft most of that list, I have been unstoppable. One of the bonus booster drafts I was in I pulled a very consistant Green White deck and never lost a match. So, I'm a big friend of green right now xD
Honestly, all colors've good stuff going on for them. I've seen all kinds of shenenigans.

White has Lawkeeper and pacifism both at common, both are insane. Good fliers, decent finishers at uncommon, a good, straight-up aggro.

Black has 2 quality and 1 1-toughness killer removals at common. Good vampires all around.

Red has the insane burn spells, some fantastic bloodthirst creatures and a great uncommon finisher.

Green has giant spider, ETB kill a flier spider (how sick is that?!), medium agression for first turns but llanowar elves and overrun to help with that.

Blue finally is insane with both illusion beatz, good fliers, adept, mana leak, tap tricks, and some insane CA / CQ.

All of them have great Mages. I honestly can't rank them - there's not one of them that I wouldn't first pick, just maybe white one, but even that, with a random flier, is house.

This set's surprisingly wonderful for limited play, but there are just a ton of bombs at rares and mythics.
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