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Essentials Clerics have proficiency in Holy Symbols, yet none of their powers are implement attacks. There are no magic holy symbols in the Heroes/Fallen Lands book.

What's the point of Essentials Holy Symbols? I only have Heroes of the Fallen Lands, so if they're expanded upon elsewhere, I'd like to know where. 
Heroes of the Shadow has a warpriest build that all of the attacks are implement.

If you multiclass and swap out for a power that uses an implement then it would work.  The other advantage is that holy symbols don't take up an item slot, so if you find one that has a good property, encounter, or maybe even daily, you can use it.  For example a symbol of daring will let you give an ally an action point if he crits.  Check out mellored's list of holy symbols that are useful even for someone who never uses it for implement attacks:
Besides death domain clerics, the online character builder at least lets you take cleric (templar) dailies.

And you can take non-essentials cleric paragon paths with warpriests if you want to and some of them have implement powers.