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Is there a way to have to weapon typs to show up on a power card?

I'm making a ranger and want my longswords and longbow to have stats on the power card
The character builder should automatically look in your inventory and use the proper equipment for power cards!  It's a nice feature.  If you equip the longswords in your hands, they will show up on your melee power cards, and the longbow should probably be auto-added to the ranged attacks but there is also a checkbox in your inventory (show on power cards) that can force the issue.
Let's take it to the next level. My wife is running an assasin. She has a Ki Focus equiped (Emerald Flame Ki Focus +2). It shows her crossbow (Distance Crossbow +2) with and without the Ki Focus. Nice. But she also has a magic dager (Lesser Cloaked Dagger +1) in her inventory. If I equip the crossbow and the ki focus, then force the magic dagger, it will show the dagger, but without ki focus modifications. It seems the ki focus  stats will only modify the currenty "equiped" item. 
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