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This is a deck that I was thinking about that fits how I like to play this game. Basically, I want to build up the amount of creatues until I can get a Butcher of Malakir on the field,  then sacrifice creatures to my Marrow Chomper. If any new creatures come out on their next turn, I can sacrifice leftover Eldrazi Spawn, then swing for the win next turn.

Creatures: 22

4x Mortician Beetle
4x Nest Invader
4x Viridian Emissary
3x Pawn of Ulamog
3x Kozilek's Predator
2x Butcher of Malakir
2x Marrow Chomper

Spells: 15

3x Growth Spasm
3x Explore
2x Diabolic Tutor
2x Awakening Zone
2x Essence Feed
2x Skittering Invasion
1x Eldrazi Monument

Land: 23

13x Swamp
10x Forest

I'm willing to change around this deck a little bit, but the only problem is money. I'm already buying a few of the cards on the list, so try to keep the money down, haha. But any suggestions can only help.
Bloodthrone Vampire or Vampire Aristocrat might make a pretty nice outlet for your Mortician Beetles. All those eldrazi will make a nice litte snack for either the vampire's or the Marrow Chomper's. Essence Feed looks weaker than your other spawn generators (of which there are many!) I think you can afford to make some room for removal as well.

I had a deck like this one the problem i had was it was really clunky... I would suggest Grave Pact, Fecundity and if u can afford it Doubling Season

Then Nantuko Husk and Bloodthrone Vampire as my finishers / sacrifice outlets


Fresh Meat for more fun?
I prefer Butcher of Malakir to Grave Pact because it costs less (lol) and it uses colorless mana. I might put in something like Bloodthrone Vampire because I can sacrifice the Viridian Emissarys if an opponent refuses to kill them early in the game.

Is there a low cmc creature or equipment that works off of +1/+1 counters instead of 'until end of turn' for sacrificing creatures? I know my Mortician Beetle get's powered-up from it, but it would be nice to get even more long term power-up options in case something kills the Mortician Beetle.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I think I will remove the Essence Feeds because at that point, I shouldn't need the three life. I can gain life using the Marrow Chomper's ability anyways. With one more mana, I can get 2 more Eldrazi Spawn, which means 4 more power, 4 more life, and 2 more of the opponent's creatures dead.

I might get Fresh Meat. It would be nice to play two Marrow Chompers in a row with the same power and life gain, haha.
blade of the bloodchief or sadistic glee 2.0 as I like to call it is what you are looking for.

Is there a low cmc creature or equipment that works off of +1/+1 counters instead of 'until end of turn' for sacrificing creatures?

Here's my deck that works on that mechanic:

It's more built off the sac/vamps. I like Mortician Beetle better in your build though, I couldn't make room for one in my plan.
I think I'm going to put two Blade of the Bloodchiefs in my deck instead of the two Essence Feeds. I'm going to test out my deck after that and maybe put in two Bloodthrone Vampires or Vampire Aristocrats for an Explore and a Growth Spasm if more land/mana isn't too necessary.

Thanks everyone for your help!
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