May Warband construction...

The warband bulding have this sentence at aligment:

Alignment: Good and Evil creatures may not be includedin the same warband. Unaligned creatures can be in anywarband whose faction they share. 

In old days of horedlings was say that if you start warband conscrution with an evil creature (example) and after it you put another creature who can bring a good creature to it, the warband is legal.

My question is:

Is this still true?

Is peaces like the bellow still legal under the same warband?

Start bulding with: Oni (evil), Dwarf Defender(neutral, can bring all dwarves to its warband), Dwarf battlemaster (good). 
I see no reason to think this would have changed in the new rules. Totally legal.
So you could end up with Storm Silverhand with a Thrall?
I do not quickly see how one could join Thrall and Storm. Enlighten us, Peter.
I think, in the last two posts, the word "could" is equivocal.
Yes, was taking a look and cannot find a way to put Storm with Thrall.

To acoplish this task, you need to start your warband construction with a creature with one aligment, then add a second who can break the rules and pull together the oposite alignment.

This is legal example:

You start a bordelands warband with Artemis Entreri (evil, borderlands, civilization) then you add Redgar (neutral, borderlands with warband construction) then you bring Drizz do Urden (good, wild) to make both to play together. Really not competitive (specialy cause you will end with 4 acts), but real fun for sure. 

Storm and Thrall cannot go with Redgar (not together), cause one of them must be placed at original band first. On this construction you clearly start with Storm OR Thrall, and by the rules you cannot add it at a second time. 

You can as you obvius have see above put Artemis and Storm together. This will be legal.

Cause of the nature of Redgar (borderlands neutral), i´ll say that all unique evil borderlands unit can be added to a good unique other companion from any faction.

Of corse we can find some ways to put another creatures of evil and good together. All we need is, find some neutral warband bulding construction creature, then find a creature evil or good of its aligment to be placed first, then add this wb creature to pull some creature from oposite aligment at the sequence.

Redgar 's Warband Building: All Unique non Evil creatures are legal in your Warband !!!
True. It seem that Artemis and Drizzt will need to wait a little longer to be acoplish together.

But this makes me think,...

If i put 5 (more or less) unique evils creature, in a warband that is borderlands by nature, i cannot increase redgar with it cause of this wb power?

I think it works.

As unaligned, redgar can join an Evil Warband and use its Warband Building (so take some Good Unique creatures in this Warband).

I think it works.

As unaligned, redgar can join an Evil Warband and use its Warband Building (so take some Good Unique creatures in this Warband).

I believe this works:

Oni (Evil)
Storm Silverhand (via Regdar warband building)

I agree, I still do not see a way to get Thrall and Storm together. 


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