A Half-Orc in Dublin!

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Ok, so being as I havnt been given a campaign setting, this IS a little early, but I like the idea of being ready, and I think that unless the Dm sets us on the MOON, that I can just engineer it into context.... and as long as he doesn't have a thing against Half Orc's.

Ardith Ora'Vodak. I took the 3.5 approach and just had his father **** his mother and held her as a slave. She got stoclkholm sydrome and found a happy middle ground. However it turns out that she was a noble woman and her Husband wanted her back. The Ora tribe was attacked by a large force of soldiers and so Ardith's mother was taken back. It is unsure of wether or not she tried to procure him staying with her, but in the Ora tribe sons are the property of Fathers, and daughters are the property of mothers. So at the ripe age of 8 Ardith was left motherless. The only thing he has of hers is his name (Typically speaking Ora tribe children don't get first names until they have made there first kill.) and a golden pendeant with a strange crest on it.

At the age of 11, his tribe faired badly in a war with another Orc tribe and his father passed away. No longer having any real ties to his clan, and notticing the murmurs that he was a witch and that it was his fault that their tribe had taken such heavy losses, he set off one night intending never to return. He journeyed for many many miles,through forests and into new mountains. It was in the mountains that he would have a second encounter in the form of two elderly surrogate parents. Thom, a ranger and Elwin his elven bride. Ardith learned from them the ways of the world and Thom taught him fighting skills while Elwin taught him acrobatics and dexterity.

Ardith was fishing one day when they came to him. Thom and elwin sat down and talked to Ardith at length of the trouble facing the Elven king, and as a young woman Elwin had made a pact to come to his aid should he ever need it, herself being an bastard daughter of the former king. Thom intended to come with her. Unfortunately those of Orc Blood were still hated in the Elf lands and none of Orc blood may enter the palace save in chains. Thom and Elwin journeyed with Ardith for a time before parting ways, leaving their surrogate son with a map, some gold and Thom's old long swords. although their magic had long since faded, they were still fine blades. And so at the age of 18 Ardith found himself alone in the world once more.

He has never told a soul about how or when the might of the rages set upon him. But as some put it, he was wandering a plane, alone at night when a storm set upon him. Instead of cowering before its might he stood in awe, and as a thick bolt of lightening spread the skyhe roared as it thundered towards the ground. And something in the storm ressonated deep within him.

Since then he has spent 7 years wandering, and using his strength and training to make ends meet. Recalling the styles of his tribe and clan he grew his hair into thick ropey braides, which he inlaid with the bones of beasts and enemies he has slain. Though he has attempted to hunt down his mother and her people he has not yet had any luck.