Starships: Proximity Spread and Focused Fire

I want to share my thoughts about the mechanics of these two rules. The way I have been using them, a weapon battery can fire a Narrowed Salvo (standard usage from core book) or Proximity Spread. I have ruled that when used in Proximity mode, the battery doesn't add the extra damage for exceeding Reflex's target defense, since they are "spreading fire" on an area and not concentrating on a single target. Right now I am ruling the same for Focused Fire, but my players think that's too much since you have to forgo all attacks from your ship except one. I stated that with Focused Fire your attack area may be larger and you don't have any penalty associated to the roll. But I want your expert opinions please


Focused Fire may seem like it uses all but one attack BUT in reality it uses ALL the ship's attack against that area for an entire turn.  Narrow Salvo and Proximity Spread of "fire and forget" attacks that are done when they are done but with Focused Fire you have a region of space that is continually being attacked such that ANY ship that passes through takes damage.

Now personally, I do have some issues with Proximity Fire and starfighters but those are really for a different thread.
Thanks Steven for the aclaration. I still am in doubt about the extra damage from battery fire for Proximity Spread and Focused Fire - would you please tell me if you apply them?


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