Is the end of chapter 2 wrong on the tracker sheets?

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When my group finished it's game last nigh they all showed me there Tracker sheets and it showed the chapter 2 ending after the 8th session but the module shows it ending after the 9th.

I gave the group a "special extended rest" because they played the hight like it was the end of a chapter thinking they would get action points and all there powers back for the next session but not 100% sure what to do next week.

Do I give them a 2nd extended rest? Just count it as a short rest?

Anyone else see this and if so how did you handle it?

Here is what I would do


Since Encounter 9 is a raid of an army of skeletons on the town I would say that this raid interupts their sleep and they don't yet have the full benefits of the extended rest. I would maybe add in things like they have problems falling asleep while in the Shadowfell or had very bad dreams when they do.

If they have already erased used stuff off their sheet I'm not too sure what else you can do other than guess where they were at for surges/health. If all else fails do some dice rolls to work out whether they are on the low side of what you remember or the high side (odd/even on a roll).

thanks Clay but I don't want to penalize the players because WotC made a mistake. I there mind (and the tracker sheet) they where at the end of a chapter and play that way,
I don't mean this to come across as critical, but I've seen this thing before in Players and GMs.  Some observations for similar situations in the future:

One, the fight really wasn't so tough that Dailies were needed  The characters used out of game knowledge to make their decisions.  This is a roleplaying game and they should have based their power usage on the strength of the opponents.  They should only have needed to use their dailies against tough opponents or in dire circumstances.  If the party had a string of bad luck and needed to make up some combat damage or put themselves in a better tactical position to finish the fight before someone died, dailies should be used.  In combat and adventuring situations, you rarely know when your day is going to end.   I think my group may have used one daily so that they could take down the Dark One before he got away, but that was it.  Remember, looking cool is all good and well, until you all die in the next encounter, leaving no one to tell the tale.

Also, as the GM, you might have wanted to remind them that on the previous night they didn't get any rest until after dawn and that their night has just barely begun.  How do the characters know when it's the end of chapter?  It's ok as a GM to caution your players and remind them of some of the consequences of their decisions, especially if they are new players.  Did you get a chance to peruse the full adventure before running?  Even if you don't have a chance to read the whole thing in detail, you might want to at least skim through and read some of the background and setup text.  It will give you a better grasp on how to play out some of the earlier encounters to make sure the players don't miss anything important.
Devyn thanks for the thoughts. The players knew it was the end of the chapter by looking at the tracker sheets that they all have that says it was the end of the chapter.

Yea I do read through but to the next session and I did not look at the tracker sheets. WotC made a mistake in the material they gave out and I was just asking how other folks dealt with it.

Thanks for the feedback
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