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I received my CoN game yesterday.  I have had a chance to play it but I unbagged and unpunched everything so that it is ready to play.  Then I looked in the box and the first thought that came to mind is that the spaces for the minis would hold twice as much.  So now I am on the look out for a bargin priced CoN so I can raid it for extra parts (minis and dice).

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If they sold packages of minis and/or dice I would buy some. I hate running out of minis and having to use a proxy. I dislike rerolling dice and the color coding of the game's dice makes them more appealing than using my other dice. I am considering buying a another copy of the game just to get more dice and minis but I would like to spend a little less and not have all the extraneous pieces. I do not know, however, whether it is feasible for them to offer such things. 

I would also love to have a software version of the game but I know that given development investment it would probably have to be wildy successful as a board game to warant that.

That is why I aam waiting to see if Auggie's store is going to sell the game.  He typically breaks the game up and sells individual components.

I am going to look through my dice and see if I have any of the right colors and sizes to match what came with the game.

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I'd be interested in the pieces whether they were sold by WotC or Auggies or some other outlet.
Sadly, the guy at Auggie's (is it Auggie?) says he probably won't be buying CoN sets because he doubts there'd be enough demand for 15mm minis.
Being an axis and allies player I have no problem using the grey and red chips. It also limits the overuse of some of the stronger pieces. like Dragons. Sure you can use chips under them but the winner is not going out buying 4 every turn and placing them on every territory.

Just like there are only 3 keeps. Imaging being able to build on every territory. It is the limits that make this game good.

I would like matching dice though. So when I am at Gencon I will pick some up.

Per the rulebook (p.6 under "pieces") there are no limits imposed by the rules on the number any piece you can have in play, so you could in fact (if not in practice) have dragons or castles on every territory.

The only actual impact that a lack of sufficient pieces has is to require the use of proxy pieces which takes away from the ascetics of the game. It is for
that reason alone that I would like to have additional pieces available.

I'd love to have extra minis and dice as well. Perhaps they could be packaged as an "expansion set" or something.

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There seems to be not quite enough castles, perhaps dragons? I dont like chips and bits of paper representation. Poor asthetic quality in that regard. I will have to buy a different wargame that has bigger castles, perhaps walled to add as capitols. This is such a great game, the board scale size needs to be bigger to fit all the troops etc. Why clumsily stack a tiny mini on chips then clumsily remove a chip at a time in battle?

Im making a large scale reproduction of the Nerath board for my games room no expen$e spared. (Of course the mini's will be undercoated and drybrushed). I'm using pro weighted poker chips with proper colors for all factions. I use dremel tools professionally so I'll engrave the chips the unique faction logos and fill with crayon as dice are done. This gives a nice feel and look.

I would prefer to buy an expansion for this game from WOTC for use of their mini's. I have no reason to think they will offer one though (yet).

I LOVE this game, thank you WOTC ! Please give us EXPANSION ! MINI"S AND CARDS !!!
I wish there was a dwarf faction.

I think it would be cool for say special pieces like a small merc group. More navy stuff would be cool as well but I am dreaming.

My one friend wants some ADD Anti Dragon Defense. (Axis and Allies player) he thinks there needs to be an ability of say the castle firing on dragons before even first strike then the castle is done. thats just him though.
Being an axis and allies player I have no problem using the grey and red chips. It also limits the overuse of some of the stronger pieces. like Dragons. Sure you can use chips under them but the winner is not going out buying 4 every turn and placing them on every territory.

Agreed. A&A at least had a stated rule that you can't build more if you run out of miniatures (forcing you to combine forces and use grey/red chips). It's actually a good addition: both realistically and strategically.
I actually feel pretty ripped off by the lack of figures included in the game, and not being able to buy more makes it even worse. Constantly running out of castles, dragons and even siege units and wizards at times. This was the first WoTC board game I've bought and I'm leery of buying any more in the future because of it.
I still call it a strategic element. Play Axis and Allies same thing, play Fortress America (if you can find it used) it is a main stay of how those games were designed.

Use the tokens to represent your troops beyond the first and some pieces just can not be built anymore.

Castles and Dragons are HUGE expensive and can swing the game if you are able to afford them. If you want more mini's buy another copy. If it really turns you off not having more mini's then this game was not meant for you.
Here's the fatal flaw in your argument: The game rules clearly point out the intent that you place as many pieces of a certain type as you wish and can afford with your gold. They suggest using slips of paper. Additionally, the cost of dragons and castles is not really that high, so they aren't really that cost-prohibitive.

However, I find myself running out of virtually every kind of unit. You acquire enough gold that you can quickly build up units much faster than you can expend them at times.

I just don't get how you can change the rules of a game as written and then use that to tell me the game wasn't meant for me because I can't effectively play it as written with the supplies provided. Further, I don't even want more pieces for free (though I feel they did rip me off a bit), I just want the ability to buy pieces at a rate more fair than buying another $80 game set. 
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