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I'm puzzling over something, and thought I'd seek advice from other DMs & players. 

I'm running a 4E version of the Red Hand of Doom - tweaked and modded in various ways. One of the bigger changes is that instead of the Ghostlord being a corrupted lich druid, the Ghostlord is a title held by our old friend Acererak, whose Tomb of Horrors rests inside a great skull-faced sphinx in the Thornwaste. His basic role in the story is the same, but I'll be running the Tomb of Horrors super-adventure later on (and possibly the level 9 version if my players decide to try to take out Acererak during the course of RHoD). 
Anyway, I'm attempting to seed the Red Hand horde with undead creations of Acererak, since he's providing the Horde with necromantic aide as in the original story. However, I don't want to just use zombies, skeleton warriors, etc. because going up against the Red Hand horde, the players are already fighting a ton of soldiers of various types - just throwing in some undead ones in and of itself isn't that fun. 

My thought is that I'd like to include a few really unusual, preferably terrifying creatures that really show off Acererak's whole 'insane wizard experiments' aspect, and which will be thematically distinct from the goblin horde, in terms of combat style, powers, and so on. I figure they should also be a bit more powerful than your standard hobgoblin soldiers - otherwise what point would they be? 

Any suggestions?  
Provided for a great variety of undead.


"Gaze into my eyes, and you shall see. I will make you a stone. I will make you a tree. Time will stop for you, but it cannot stop for me."

"I am fear, I am hate, and I am rage. I am a demon's demon. I loathe and despise you. You are alive, where I am no longer. I shall make you suffer for what you are, as I suffer for what I am."

"We are many, we are the same, and we travel together, going on this long and lifeless, crawl."

"I sing a song. I sing the song of death. You will listen, and you too shall die, and sing the song of death with me."

"You can run from me, You can hide from me, You can cross the ocean, climb the highest mountain, or even fly from me. But I will always find you, before you will ever find me. I give you my word."

"I'm sorry that I hurt and scared you so. Let me hold you in my arms, and comfort you while you cry. Keep still now. Don't struggle. Don't run. I will protect and watch over you, and I will sing to you, you can rest now. It's all over. And until you feel no more pain, and you draw your last breath, and until your heart beats for the last time, I will stay and hold your hand and remain with you, until you slip into the lifeless black."

"I am sick for all eternity. I am in permanent state of vertigo. My head pounds, My fever raises, My insides wither and crawl like snakes. Let me show you what's making me so under the weather."

Just some material to stew into the pot. This isn't mine. It's from the webcomic The Zombie Hunters. Enjoy! ^_^
Undead are relatively easy to throw into any scenario, so there's a slew of undead in the compendium and other sources you can use to this effect. Boneyards, Brains in Jars and Tomb Motes are nice undead to spice up the "necromantic experimentation" angle. Vampires, Liches and other sentient undead make for great replacement generals to the living troops. Especially if they have the ability to reraise their fallen soldiers as undead minions as part of their power repertoire. A great way to boost the undead flavor is to have the living troops use weapons and attacks that deal necrotic damage, and to have the undead take advantage of this for some effect (such as combat advantage against a creature taking ongoing damage or the like).

Dark Sun has an array of odd creatures outside of the standard campaign settings. Zombifying a few of them can be a good way to add terror of the unknown into the mix.

Don't forget the potential of adding in other types of living foes though. Demons and Lycanthropes are shoe-ins for undead support.
You know, this may seem like a silly omission, but it honestly hadn't occurred to me to just take a cool monster that adds variety in and of itself - and then just make it undead. 

glad I could help refresh your memory then ^_^
I love the idea of re-raising and am thinking of adding some undead into my campain. Are there any creatures that reraise their fallen comrades as they were? I was thinking adding a puzzle element to an encounter where the players need to figure out that they need to kill all the monsters in the room before the monster's turn begins, or all those monsters that have been killed will just be re-risen. I've had a look at the core book but can only find zombies that raise their fallen as minons. I want the re-raised monsters to have the ability to re-raise others as well.
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