Magic 2012 difficult for visually impaired user

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Hi all,

I've been playing DotP almost every day on my PS3 since February and have just purchased Magic 2012.

Unfortunately, I am partially blind and for me the new interface makes the game more or less unplayable.

The font size for the numbers - life remaining, number of cards in deck and library, but most troublesome the power and toughness of each creature - are smaller than in the 2011 version and I simply cannot read them without squinting alot. Grey on grey text in the tips boxes is also practically unreadable.

It also seems like the actual game board has been shifted upwards, now mostly only using the top half of the display, so all of the cards are further away. This is bad enough in a standard duel but in archenemy mode it is incredibly difficult to read the power and toughness on the cards.

I really hope a patch to either allow the classic interface to be used, or for the font size to be increase, can be made, since as it stands the new edition is too hard to use for me

Can you read them when you zoom in?  Because for the most part,zoomed out,  i cant read the cards too. 
I can read them when zoomed in yes, but on the previous game I could read the power/toughness without zooming if I sat close enough to the TV. Now they just seem to small.
I agree the life totals and cards in hand is almost impossible to read, they really need to update this.
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