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I Love Stax always have, and this thread got me thinking what other way besides black, white, and blue variants I can use to abuse this deck, i was rummaging through my decks for ideas when i came across kai budde's wildfire decked it occured to me with the fast mana accleration, lock pieces with the addition of (Umbilicus I can reset my tangle wires or bounce my stax to save my own hide) + getting a Covetous Dragon or Karn, Silver Golem for artifact beat down with a slice of Wildfire to wipe the board and seal the deal. I honestly think that red is the best suit for stax. I present to you all


Land/Mana: 34
4 Crystal Vein
4 Ancient Tomb
4 City of Traitors
4 Gilded Lotus
2 Grim Monolith
2 Metalworker
3 Seething Song

11 Mountains

Lock Pieces: 17

4 Tanglewire
Chalice of the Void
3 Umbilicus
4 Smokestack

Win: 9
4 Wildfire
4 Covetous Dragon
1 Karn, Silver Golem

With artifacts used for mana you won't need the usage of Crucible of Worlds, you'll have total board control and a flying 6/5 dragon who can survive a wildfire or Karn for beats Please let me know what u guys think and try it out!
The only problem I'm seeing is that you're not taking full advantage of Smokestack like most Stax varients would. The permanent advantage provided by Crucible is pretty powerful in combination with Smokestack. 

Other than that, looks good. I remember playing against a copy of the original deck after it won Worlds. Give it some playtesting, and see how it goes.
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