Saint John, New Brunswick: Looking for players for 4th edition game

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Looking for players for a game of 4th edition D&D. I have all the needed books, dice, minis, etc. Also have the place to play. Prefer a fixed weekly game day, but am open to other ideas.

Am willing to teach new players, or players new to the edition.

Update: Recently got a couple of enquiries. Would love to get a couple of more players. If you are thinking about joining, feel free to send me an email. You can stop by for a session and see what you think. No commitment neccessary.
Still looking for more players. Interested, let me know.
I'm interested in playing in a game in Saint John. I already DM two games and my wife DMs another, so we definitely aren't looking to take on DM duties. Are you still looking for players?
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