Is there still a forum to look for local gamers?

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About 4-5 years ago, there was a forum (or group of forums) on the Wizards of the Coast site to find players or to join a group in your local area. It was divided by geographic region (a few major cities, and then states and regions of countries for less populous areas).

I found my last D&D group there.

Problem is, the group fell apart, and I haven't had a group in more than 3 years. Would love to find a new one, but can't find anyone. I've been looking for a forum on the site for a couple of weeks, just flipping through here and there, doing keyword searches, so far nothing. I feel like if its still there I should be able to see it, but I'm drawing a blank.

If there is a forum, on-line message board, etc. I would REALLY appreciate it if someone could post a link for me. If it matters, I'm in Canada.

Not sure why they made it so hard to find, but there you go.
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Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for. may have something for you too.  I've found quite a few groups through there as well.
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