Novice Powers re-balanced to At-Will - Spreadsheet all 48 Origins

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I created a spreadsheet of all the Novice Powers of all the Origins from the core book, Famine in Far-Go and Legion of Gold.  The spreadsheet lists all of the powers as they currently stand in the books.  Then I have an updated version for the Encounter based powers, a few powers that where OP (Lodestone Lure, etc), and a few with missing bonuses, mainly [W] based powers missing weapon accuracy, etc.  Each changed also has a row beneath it listing my thought process as to why I made the changes, and on what other powers I based these changes.

I then took each Encounter based Novice Power and searched the other Origins for similar At-Will Powers.  Most Encounter powers only needed a little tweaking to bring them back in line with their other At-Will cousins:  affects enemies changed to affects creatures, close burst 2 reduced to close burst 1, etc..

I also made sure any [W] weapon power included the lvl and weapon accuracy in the to hit roll.  

Finally I made a few changes to some powers that I simply didn't like from a flavor perspective, those two powers are Terrifying Shriek (becomes a close blast 3 called Wing Buffet - better flavor for a Hawkman type character) and Alien Engineering (created an option that does not affect allies, only your own gear, roughly halves the damage bonus, and changes the +1 to only effect the same target on your next turn - usable every turn instead of every other turn).
I am sharing this spreadsheet via Google Docs in hopes it will help others who want some balancing options now as opposed to waiting on a possible, but not a guarranteed, official errata from Wizards.  

I am also interested in input from anyone who wants to weigh in on some of the changes I've made.  I'm sure they aren't perfectly balanced, which is why I want to open the changes up to critique for those interested.  Thanks to everyone here, keeping Gamma World alive.

Link to Novice Power Matrix - Spreadsheet 

I hope this helps someone out.   
This is freaking cool - Thank you for posting it!
I like the idea of a wind buffet attack for the Hawkoid (Been thinking about alternate mutations of each origin to give more options...) but I have a few questions on it.

Close blast 3 + everything that gets hit slides 1 square is pretty powerful... (regarding a giants brickbat that can knock over 3 people... a wing attack can move 9 people?)
Why so big a blast?

Also the wing buffet does psychic damage? Why not Physical? Typo?

But good stuff!
Yeah, it should be physical.  I didn't change it from the original power, which was psychic.  Nice catch.  As for the power, I don't believe it's over powered.  I modeled it after the Wizard At-Will Thunderwave, which is also a Close Blast 3, and it pushes each creature a number of squares equal to their Int modifier.  

Furthermore, if you look at the Telekinetic's At-Will, it is a Close Blast 5 that pushes each creature 3 squares.  I actually just realized that was a CB5.  I think a 5 is way too powerful for an At-Will, I think I'll be changing that to a CB3.  

Also the AI has a Close Blast 3 that does quite a bit more damage (1d10 vs 1d6) and it also imposes a stronger effect than forced movement, the effected creatures get a -2 to their attack rolls until the end of your next turn.

You mentioned Brickbat, that is a Close Burst 1, which can feasibly hit 8 targets (the Giant is in the center at the square of origin), if the Giant was surrounded by enemies.  A Close Blast 3 covers the same size area, and affects only one square more.  On the downside, Close Blasts are tougher to use without affecting allies that might be standing nearby.  I know our Wizard had a rule that you shouldn't stand any closer than 3 squares away from him in combat, or you run the risk of getting slammed by a Thunderwave.  A Close Burst on the other hand is much easier to use with less of a chance for collateral damage.  

And not all the damage from a wing buffet comes from getting smacked by the wings, it's also the force of the wind driving you back and being pelted by rocks and other debris that can account for the area of a Close Blast 3 as well as the 1 square push.  The source book even states that a Hawkoid's wingspan is nearly 15 feet, which is 3 squares wide.  

I think it's well within the bounds of power in comparison to the other At-Wills.  That said, I will be scaling down the Telekinetic's At-Will...  a Close Blast 5 is ridiculous.
Thanks for your input.  I've updated the Spreadsheet.  
Excellent work. I'll make sure to reference this when players are creating new characters. You should credit yourself at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
Not a bad idea.  I've updated the spreadsheet.  Thanks!

If anyone comes up with any alternative power ideas, I'm thinking of making a second tab with alternative powers listed there.  So post your ideas here and I'll look at adding it to the spreadsheet, with credit of course.
This link contains a few novice powers
I'm glad I found this.  I was just looking through Legion of Gold because a friend of mine picked it up and we're planning on playing later this week.  It'll be our first Gamma World game in a year or so.  I noticed the Regernator's at-will had absolutely no scaling and knew that couldn't be right, so I googled it looking for some errata and found this.  I just wanted to suggest that Shapeshifter's Feint shouldn't get weapon accuracy (despite dealing [W] damage) because it's against a non-armor defense, which tends to be 1 to 2 points lower than AC (in the case of Reflex).  Attacks made against NADs tend to be lower, because NADs tend to be lower than AC values.  I suspect weapon accuracy was deliberately left off of the attack by the designers.  If you insist on applying weapon accuracy to the attack, then I'd suggest changing it in your game so that the attack is made against AC instead of Reflex.
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