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I'm currently working on a 4th edition home-brew campaign, and am looking for anywhere from 4-6 people interested in a game that'll have a good mix of roleplay and combat, significant player input into the campaign, and plenty of stuff to do. Here's the lowdown:


The village of Far Dale has always been a marginal part of the border provinces in the nation of Delreth. Sheltered amongst the Anvil mountains, it's remained insulated from Delreth's many civil wars, invasions, plagues, and upheavals throughout the years with nary a difference to the folk of Far Dale other than whose face was on the coins. That's about to change.

A mad empress has taken the throne, commanding all to turn aside all other gods and worship him or else perish to fuel her rise to godhood. Three self-styled monarchs and countless minor demagogues have all raised armies to fight her, pitching the entire realm into war and pushing hundreds of thousands from their homes, to starve and die or else turn to banditry.

The orcs and goblins of the north have united to take advantage of Delrethian weakness, putting cities to the torch and instituting a brutal order over the ruins. Those who don't flee or die are welcome to join the Iron Horde, but it is a nasty brutish and short life to be held as chattel by goblins and orcs made vengeful by past wrongs.

The people of cities that have not been immediately struck down by one army or another cluster together in fear, growing increasingly desperate and paranoid. Many have fallen under the control of tyrannical warlords, while others bargain with devils and worst creatures for some small assurance of safety. The foul deeds done in such places blight the land, creating a spreading corruption that seems unstoppable and twists everything it touches.

It is in these grim times that Far Dale finds itself needing guidance. The folk of the dale have always been self-sufficient and resilient, but they will need more than that if it is to survive the coming trials. Some few people from amongst them, members of all races humble and great must rise up and become heroes. The fate of one of the last bastions of uncorrupted civilization (and perhaps the nation of Delreth) demands it.


Characters will start at 1st level, and must have some manner of connection to the village of Far Dale (whether because they live there, live nearby, have relatives there, or trade frequently with craftsmen there). While any race or class is allowed, if you want to play an unusual race or class you've got to come up with a reasonable justification for why your character has been accepted into the village (or if they haven't been, how they've managed to survive on the outskirts or in the wilderness).

I'd also appreciate at least 1 page of back-story regarding your character-the game is going to involve quite a bit of role-playing and as such you'll need a character with a personality, a past, friends, enemies, contacts, and family. At the bare minimum give me why your character has the class that he/she does, a few sentences of personality, and then two or three people that she or he knows in Far Dale with a sentence of personality for each. I love player investment into the campaign, and so if you want to do more that's awesome-ideally everyone will create a few of the Town's NPCs, meaning that everyone will have an opportunity to interact with the sorts of characters they prefer. Likewise, feel free to include elements describing details of Far Dale's history, government etc. I'll obviously have everything else covered, but the more detail you guys provide the more plot hooks I'll have that I know will interest everyone.

All mechanical options are allowed, but once again you've got to provide some form of justification as to how your character acquired them. In this vein, re-fluffing is definitely accepted! On the other hand, if you can think of something you really want to play but can't figure out how to do it with the stuff currently in print I'd be happy to either help you out or home brew something for you to use.

House Rules: I'll be using the following House Rules in my game. All of them are either player-initiated (meaning you decide when they come into play) or they benefit everyone by keeping the math of the game stable.

Magic Can Be Corrupting: In these dangerous times, the temptation always exists for magic users to draw upon unsavory sources of power. Calling upon savage and dark primal spirits, ancient demons, or creatures beyond the stars, practitioners of magic can enhance the power of their spells and rituals dramatically-for a price.

Whenever a character uses an Arcane, Divine, Primal, Shadow, or Psionic Power they may choose to become corrupted to enhance it. Describe how your character is corrupting themselves (calling out a demon's name, pledging service to the elder gods, killing a small animal), and spend a minor action. You get one of the following benefits with the next non-martial power you use:

A +3 bonus to the attack and damage roll.

Add 5 squares to the range

Add 1 to the area covered by a burst or blast

Sustain a power requiring a minor action to sustain without using a minor action for the rest of the encounter.

Double the duration of a ritual.

In exchange, you suffer Corruption, handled like a disease. The effects of the corruption depend on the source of the dark power you channeled, but are all negative and will mark you as tainted by darkness. If you continue to call upon dark power to enhance your spells while already corrupted, it moves you further down the corruption track until you transform into a hideous and utterly inhuman wretch (and become an NPC). You may remove corruption using the Remove Affliction ritual, by making Knowledge (Religion) checks, or by making Endurance Checks.

You can get Nasty Wounds: When you take damage you can choose to reduce it by taking a wound, which is handled like a disease. You can reduce the damage taken by an amount equal to your healing surge value to take a light wound (the first stage), or reduce it by your bloodied value to take a moderate wound (second stage). A character can only have a number of wounds equal to their Constitution modifier (minimum 1). Wounds inflict penalties to actions, and during the 2nd and 3rd stages, actually prohibit you from taking certain actions (like using a sword with a heavily wounded arm) but it's usually better than dying.

Wounds are treated just like diseases are: with the Remove Affliction ritual, with Endurance checks, or with Heal Checks.

Expertise Fix/Defense Fix Characters gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls at 5th, 15th, and 25th level, and a +1 bonus to all Defenses at those levels as well. This fixes the math of the game, and removes feat taxes.

Skill Challenges are in your hands too!: If your character wants to try something interesting, unconventional, and involved you can always ask to initiate a skill challenge. To do this, let me know what you're trying to accomplish like "I want to perform a confidence scam to get enough money to buy a +1 sword". I will then let you know what your character thinks the price for failure might be like "well your Rogue knows you might have to deal with the law if this scam goes belly up".

That's pretty much it! Happy gaming, and I hope to hear from you soon!

any idea what days you're planning? 
This Saturday at 1 pm we're going to be meeting up at Fantasium Games in Federal Way. I've already got 2 players who are in the process of making characters, so it'll be nearly a full group already should you decide to come aboard. Laughing

Let me know if you can come, and if you have any questions about the setting, about the premise, about any of my houserules, or if you just want to share a character idea/backstory. You can reach me by posting on here or emailing me at jtjessop88@gmail.com. I'm also a member of the Seattle D&D meetup group, so if it'd be easier for you to contact me on there feel free.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Appreciate the prompt response!
How long are you planning each session to last(roughly)? 
I work Saturday nights- the setting as well as your DMing style both intrigue me though :P 
I'm hoping that the first session will run roughly 5-6 hours if everything goes well, although it could be longer. That being said, we already have one guy who's going to have to head home a bit early (at 6:00 pm) so we could always work out some sort of way for your character to bow out when you need to head off to work. If we worked something into your backstory that would allow for that kind of thing I think that things could definitely work-plus because of my somewhat erratic work schedule (a different one every week) we'll probably be changing the date we play occasionally.

I'm glad that the setting seems cool to you-what were you thinking as far as a character goes?
As  I said earlier, anything from any of the 4th edition material is available, but really crazy race or class choices need some sort of explanation in the backstory for why they're hanging around a secluded village (or how and why they are surviving on the outskirts of the village or in the nearby forest or mountains). Let me know if you have any questions, or thoughts and email me your character's backstory (and preferably also a character sheet) when you're ready.

Hey I wanted to touch base with you and see if I should expect you this Saturday, and if so for how long. Hopefully scheduling works out for you!

Let me know,

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