Great Play Experiences Start With You! (Part 1)

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At Wizards of the Coast, we know that great play experiences are an important part of having a strong Magic: The Gathering community. That’s why over the next month, we’ll be running a series of articles with quick tips to keep you informed and help you continue to have the best experiences possible.


Did you know that Wizards of the Coast has an entire team devoted to finding and stopping people who engage in negative behavior at events and other game play settings? The Wizards of the Coast Fraud Team investigates scams, fake events, ratings fraud, and many other types of behavior that can affect game play. While the Fraud Team aims to protect you by applying penalties to those who break the rules, you can also take steps to protect yourself. Here are a few tips:

Don’t Share Your DCI Account Password

Your DCI number is unique to you. It’s important to not allow anyone else to play under this number or log in to your DCI account. This can compromise your standing in events, as well as compromise your personal information. If someone attempts to solicit your DCI password, you can contact us to report it.

Use Caution When Trading

If you feel another user is trying to scam you, or something just doesn’t “feel right” about the trade, don’t be afraid to walk away. Before committing to a trade, do your best to confirm that you are receiving legitimate, non-counterfeit product in exchange. Remember, if you lose cards because of a bad trade or a scam, Wizards of the Coast is unable to help recover those cards. To report a scam, click here .


Be sure to check back next week for more tips. In the meantime, you can visit us on our Wizards Community>for more information and to chat with other Magic players. 

Michael Robles Community Manager Wizards of the Coast Twitter: @michaelrobles