Ain't So Bad...

I'd like to offer a different perspective, and encourage those who've not given Tactics a whirl to go ahead and do so.

To be sure, you'll not get much encouragement in these forums (or elsewhere) with regard to the gameplay.  I suppose it has much to do with your level of expectations.  I've been around since before there were computers ( except slide rules and abacii ) and have played M:tG (hard copy) since Arabian Nights.  I greatly enjoyed Shandalar in its time.  So yeah, I AM old, and have seen the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

For the record, I detest Magic the Gathering Online.
For me, the jury is still out on Magic the Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers.

My comments with regard to Tactics are given here in no particular order.
Caveat:  They are MY opinions, and are based solely on the parts of the game I've explored so far.

1)  The game has issues with low to medium end systems.  It will chug along on my circa 1995 Sony Pentium IV machine with Windows XP.  I WILL run however, you just gave to be real patient and make sure you use 'extended' mouse clicks.  It runs much better on my Windows Vista AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-core machine that is about 4 years newer than the other one.

2)  The game can be played for free, technically, if you have a vivid imagination.  You WILL want to spend a minimum of $20.  More than that?  Depends on what you wanna do.  The $20 is to unlock to 2nd through 5th Chapters (each containing 5 missions/duels).  Finishing each of those (at $5 each) gives access to a free Daily Mission that will earn some XP and 2 gold.

3)  Your Dollars/Pesos/Euros will buy Station Cash.  I've only used Station Cash to buy access to the 4 Chapters listed above.  You can use it to participate in Tournaments, to buy Booster packs, and to buy Individual Cards.  Station Cash can be used to buy in-game Gold, which is used (for me) to buy cards in the Auction House.

4)  I started with the Black/Red starter deck.  At first, I had to include some white and green cards to get the 40 card minimum.  As you finish Chapters, you get cards as rewards, and as you finish the Daily Missions, you earn Gold.  You can't sell the Starter Deck cards or the Reward cards in the Auction House.  So, you have to run lots of Daily Missions to get enough Gold to buy decent cards.  I've purchased lots of cards to improve my deck, ranging in cost from 4 Gold to 20 Gold.  The really good (popular) cards will cost hundreds of Gold each.

5)  As of this time, there are 15 different Daily Missions, 5 different ones each day (at maximum availability) for 3 days, they they repeat.  As I've refined my deck and my strategy, the missions have gotten easier, but at level 30, a couple of them still challenge me at times.

6)  I've only done a couple PUGs (Pick-up Games), and didn't know what I was doing at the time.  Now, I may be ready to face them.  Many negative comments in these forums have to do with the fact that there are latency problems in the duels, and no rewards of any kind except the sheer joy of dealing with lots of weird people playing a fun game on ridiculously spastic boxes with seriously unpredictable internet connections. 

7)  You can play Tournaments.  Open (costs 1 gold), Bracket (costs 20 gold), and Draft (costs 10 gold and 3 Booster Packs).  I know next to nothing about tournaments, but like most online games, and like Magic the Gathering, the boys who spend the most money on cardboard cards, virtual or not, are likely to hand your pectorals to you in a shopping bag.

8)  I like the Skill Trees.  Very much.  Some don't.  I spent 2 gold resetting mine after I figured out what they were about.  ;p

So, I like the game, I play the Daily Missions solo, I spend my gold to improve my deck, and I made level 30.  I'd encourage those who like Magic and Strategy Games to invest the $20 as I have, and play it until you feel like you've gotten your money's worth out of it.  When you tire of it, take a break, and find something else enjoyable to do.  Bash the devs here?  Not so much...

Thanks for listening to this OLD newb.  Best wishes.

Good write-up Old_Wizard, it's nice to see a post on this forum that isn't entirely negative.

I'd like to add to your post and shed a little light on buying booster packs.

I collected MTG cards in 1994 and didn't really know how to play, I just knew the cards were cool.  About 5 years ago I started building some decks in RL and going up against some friends who had the same closet addiction.  Then I jumped on Planeswalkers on XBOX and had fun but craved more deck building ability.  I dove into MTG: Online and spent over $400 in a year.  Realizing that was a problem I dropped off the MTG wagon entirely.  I always said to myself, "if this game had like figures that fought, it would be the coolest game evarrr!"  The Wizards must have heard me because then Tactics was born.

My first impression.. I started playing last week Thursday and now Monday (4 days later) I've spent $115 and 23 hours.  It's not like I jumped on and thought, "where can I spend money".. I tried playing with the starter cards and needless to say it's virtually unplayable.  Then when I finished a chapter in single player I'm slapped with a buy button.  Really?  I don't think the pricing model all that bad, the Wizards just need to include more with the game.  I would suggest NOT making players pay for the chapters and let players level up by playing PVP, if you do level in PVP it's virtually unnoticeable.  More card unlocks can go a long way here, or maybe win a little gold for playing PvP games.  I would love to see a 4-player level too, OMG, that would be epic.  Maybe introduce some of the other game modes from MTG: Online.

Anyway, wow, got off topic for a second.. I purchased a few booster packs, then a few more, then I had to buy gold to unlock the single player campaign and then maybe another couple booster packs.  My PayPal Account looks like this ($25, $25, $15, $25, $25)  After spending some decent cash on Booster Packs, I wrote down all my rare and uncommon cards and looked them up in the Auction House.  I made some pretty decent gold by selling cards I wasn't going to use, in fact a lot more gold than if I would have just spent station credits on "gold".  I had quite a few cards I would sell for 50-150 gold, even one that would sell for 300 gold.  I ended up building my Goblin deck exactly how I wanted and I vowed not to spend another dime on this game.  With the gold I made in the auction house I plan on entering some Tourneys to keep the ball rollin, fingers crossed.  Eventually I'm going to want to build other decks, that's the nature of the MTG beast right?

I'm excited this game is available, I just wish the pricing wasn't so Nazi, I might just make the tough decision to jump back into other games.  I'm also excited for all the bug fixes (please please) that are yet to come.  After playing on my Quad-core AMD with 16 GB of RAM and an ATI 5850 for 2-3 hours the game gets sluggish until I close the game and re-launch, not sure what that's all about.

There is a saying that definitely applies here, "pigs get fat, hogs go to slaughter."  Wizards can turn this game into a money making machine once it's fine tuned, right now it feels like a ****-machine.  Some of the tweaks that are necessary might just make me mad though since I already spent $115 so I hope they remember to throw players like me a bone too.
I like the game.  I like the aspects of Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle meets MTG.  I also like the ability to actually make your own decks and control mana tapping, unlike 2012.  However, the cost of the game is way way too high, as usual when it comes to WoTC.  You have to buy literally every part of the game seperately in order to play it; in which case the game itself will cost more then its actually worth.  If you want to try the game, the game is Free to Play from Steam. You can do the tutorial and champter 1 of the campaign (chapter 2 - 4 each sold seperately...). And PvP is available I believe as well, however you are limited to the cards you start with in the game unless you buy digital packs, boxes and individual cards via micro transactions. And since you have to make a lot of them inorder to get the deck you want, it will make the game too expensive for its value. 

I love the concept of the game, like the gameplay, like the integration, like the customization of decks, just hate the good 'ol WoTC business strategy of overpriced micro transactions...
      I have been playing this game for a few weeks now. While there has been a few glitchy aspects the game as a whole has been very entertaining. I have spent about $40 buying packs and buying all the chapters. Purchasing the chapters where worth the cost at $2.50 each but the packs at $2.99 I think are over priced you are better off buying individuals off the AH for in game gold.
     The game play is very addictive mixing the same strategy of the card game with lin of sight resorce managment and positioning. Love this game.
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