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My girlfriend played [c]Relic Crush[:c]and destroyed my [c]Presense of Gond[:c] and I dont have any more enchantments or artifacts would she have to destroy her own artifact or enchantment because of the[c]Relic Crush[:c]
No.  Relic Crush targets one enchantment or artifact, and 'up to one' more.  'Up to one' means 'one or less', so she can simply choose zero for the second clause.
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Relic Crush can have one or two targets. If she wants to, your girlfriend can choose your enchantment as the only target, leaving the optional target unused.
Rules Nut Advisor

Relic Crush lets you choose whether to destroy one or two things.

So she can simply destroy your enchantment without having to choose a second target.

Compare with Into the core which demands two different targets. If you don't have two, then she would have to choose one of her own; and if she didn't have one to make up the required two targets, she wouldn't be allowed to cast Into the Core at all.

M:tG Rules Adviser
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