Non-Combat Dungeon.

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My idea is thus: a dungeon where the fighting of monsters is a strong secondary to other dangers. 

Think of a cavern, filled with ledges that require balancing, pitfalls that require jumping, walls that need climbing, vines for swinging on, caves-in's to be dodged, water filled rooms that require breath-holding, staligmite filled roofs that crash down when you run or make loud noises. Doors that require two people to hold open, so a third player can squeeze in and use theivery to jam it open.

Of course their will be monsters, but they will either be their to make the physical chalanges more complex, or to interact with the scenery to let the players know that they can push the pillars down. Essentialy Im going to abuse the hell out of the Terrain powes. 

Any ideas? 
Tomb of Horrors?
Not actually familiar.
Maybe they're being chased by something. Either what chased them into the dungeon, or something they found in the dungeon. If they don't solve the puzzle in time, or fail doing it, they have to fight spawns or small skirmishes against it. Or if it is a big monster, it runs away after taking about 25% damage or something (depending on how many puzzles you have; 5 puzzles = 20% damage to make it run away). Of course, you could have it be an elite, solo, or just a normal monster with a crapload of HP.
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