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Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions:

1) Can someone explain to me how the Bazaar Trader +  Act of Treason/Mark of Mutiny/Sarkhan Vol's -2 combo works to permanently gain control of another creature?

2)  If I have, for example, Living End resolve, and multiple creatures enter the battlefield at the same time, if one of those creatures is, say, Nekrataal, can it destroy one of the other creatures that entered the battlefield with Living End (assuming one of the other creatures was non-black and non-artifact)? 

Thanks in advance for your help!
1) Steal a creature with a temporary control-changing effect. Then, use Bazaar Trader to gain control of the creature you already control (and just stole). At the end of the turn, the temporary effect will wear off, but Bazaar Trader's effect is still giving you control of the creature, so you keep it.

2) Yes. All the creature's enter at the same time, and then you put Nekrataal's ability on the stack. Nekrataal doesn't trigger until all the creatures are on the battlefield, making them legal targets. 
All Generalizations are Bad

Control Effects do «pile up»: the most recent effect wins. 

Here's the detailed Bazaar/Treason combined effects:

1) Opponent puts a creature on Field
(initial Enter the Battlefield effect gives its caster control of the creature)

2) You steal the creature with Act of Treason:
Treason overrides initial control effect, giving YOU control of the creature.
(this effect will last until end of turn) 

3) You activate Bazaar Trader:
Trader's control effect overrides Treason's control effect.
(but since you targetted yourself, no visible change appears)
(Trader's effect has no time limit: it will last... forever)
(THREE control effects now compete for that creature; the most recent -Trader's- «wins» ) 

4) At end of turn, Treason's effect ends.
The creature is now left with TWO control effects:
the original Enter the Battlefield effect...
overridden by Bazaar Trader's control effect,
giving YOU control of the creature forever.

Thank you both for the speedy, thorough replies!