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I know everyones pulling some MIRACLE moves, LETS HEAR YOUR BEST!

for me, i was done to 1 health, he had 30. felt like one of the "puzzles" but lasted 5 or so turns... pulled an insane comeback and got some hate mail for it! that's why i love this game!! also ranked 21st out of 2000 in 1v1's (ranked) currently.

what about you?
Just a Karn story for me so far although it's a little fuzzy now. A quick summary should look like this:
Early game:
Karn puts pressure on me with Icy Manipulator, Voltaic Key, Lodestone Golem and Mox Sapphire to cheat this stuff out early. Ramp is harder, but eventually I Aether Mutation the Golem to get some blockers to secure some time for the Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre I drew.

Middle Game:
Karn does his wonderful Tinker into Darksteel Colossus combo, but luckily I was sandbagging Mind Control for this situation. So I steal the Colossus which in turn Karn casts Duplicant targeting it. Next turn I cast Ulamog only to have Duplicant crush my dreams yet again. Destroyed the Icy Manipulator to avoid further tap downs though. Aether Mutation buys me more time.

Late Game:
Karn decides to cheat a Wurmcoil Engine into play with a Quicksilver Amulet he played sometime during the middle game. I draw into Rite of Replication and kick that sucker targeting Wurmcoil Engine to drag me out of the low health Karn got me down to. Eventually this wins the game by drowning him in tokens of artifact wurms.
honestly, i can't say how many times Rite of Replication has saved me.

I think archenemy experiences are the best, because two other people can watch your "awesomeness" ;)

Ancient Depth's is a very good deck for making epic "awesome" monents.

We played Archenemy against Tezzeret, Player 1 was "Wielding Steel", me "Ancient Depths" and the 3rd player was "Strength of Stone".
It's interesting to watch the other players during ramping and hope that they hold long enough out, hehe. ;)
I ramp and ramp for playing Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre. Close before i cast him, Player 3 get overruned. Than i cast my Ulamog and start to attack the Archenemy. But Player 1 get down. So It's only me and the Archenemy. I cast Rite of Replication on of it's better creatures (i think it was Stone Golem cheat out 2 Simic Sky Swallowers, and Mind control his last Golem before i finished him off and destroyes all his permanents.

A other match was very nice too, and show nice, that some abilites from "Ancient Depth" work very well against the Archenemy.
Archenemy was Koth, and my team played the same cards like my other experience (I think many people play Wielding Steel, Apex Predators and Strenght of Stone, because they are very fast aviable) . I ramp up and may allies couldn't do much. It's easy for Ancient Depths to ramp up, because many Archenemy cards don't have an effect of land and if, losing 1-2 land isn't hard for this deck ;) But It's important to have some early defense.
The opponent cast early an Archenemy 5/5 dragon, i cast Aether Mutation to destroy this token. Sadly this produce no Saprolings, but the dragon is gone forever.
After time i got my Elvish Piper and cheat my Lorthos, the Tidemaker out and cast my 8 land. Sadly Archenemy draw the card, where he control about all creatures (i think it's the best archenemy card in the game), luckily we have enough life to survive this.
And it starts: I attack, tap all his creatures and almost all land. I attacked alone, because my two allies have almost no units and land. I attack and tap again and after time they trust the situation and attack with me too. In the next 3-4 rounds, my Lorthos, the Tidemaker shut down complete the Archenemy, he was helpless and my Octopus lead us to the victory.

I think it's nice to have an "Ancient Depth" player as allie in the game. Because other decks can't do much in the first rounds because the archenemy cards are too strong in the early game, but Ancient Depth can ramp up without problems. So if people can hold off the Archenemy long enough, "Ancient Depth" can start to play awesome fatties and draw many cards to get control about the game.

Other nice experiences are to cast Rite of Replication on a Steel Overseer and let them all buff themselfs, to have both Eldrazi's on the field and attack with them simultaneously, or play the Machination-deck and stop a full "Ancient Depth" army (with Kozilek) with some creatures and only 5 mana, because i have Mirrorworks and have three Etherium Sculptors, two Tidehollow Strix and cast later in the match Steel Overseer and Wurmcoil Engine... twice ;)

Rite of Replication and the Deer with landfall (gain 2 health when playing a land) in this deck, IS INSANE. this deck pushes mana unlike anything, and then gaining 10 life per land?!?

really, rite of replication works SO GREAT with ALOT of cards...

Or i've used it to just get their legendary creature off the board too!
using U/G (probably my favourite)

i was up against chandra i think - and she whittled me down to just a handful of life and had a ton of creatures on the battlfield, i had a few defenders -but she summoned that creature card that deals 4 damage when it arrives, killing one of my precious defenders, i thought i was doomed.

than i picked up RoR, copied that creature x5 and proceeded to clear the board of her smelly red creatures =D

than i smote her - very nice

Haha, i had a similar experience with Kor Hookmasters ;) To tap all creatures and attack is very nice too
My own AI buddy in Archenemy Polymorph'd my Lorthos, the Tidemaker when we were about to win.... in return I got a Coiling Oracle ...  we ended up losing.

The AI also doesn't attack when we could clearly win. /sigh

Treasure Hunt netted me 7 cards earlier on turn 2! Had to do some discarding... but thought that was cool.

Seems like ALL the 'craziest' things come from the U/G deck. Tongue out


I beat karn without him playing a creature. He played one land fetch artifact and that was it for like 7 turns. Eventually when he lost he had 8 lands and nothing on his field. EASIEST BOSS EVER.
@Onua694:  He'll have mana flooded.

Ancient Depths is going to be the deck to beat for awesome moments.  Just so ridiculous being able to RoReplicate your opponent's top end to utterly crush them.  Honestly, I don't think the Eldrazi creatures need to be in there.  Thematically, they don't really fit and they're REALLY not required for the deck.  I've had more wins with the deck on Lorthos than the Eldrazi.
I just had a totally crazy game today.  Garruk mirror match.  It was a complete stalemate with each of us having 12+ creatures on our side.  We're 2/3 of the way through our decks when my opponent draws Overrun.  Luckily, I've had 2 Grazing Gladeharts from early on gaining me 4 life for every land I play.  I had about 70 life when he drew his Overrun.  Even if he attacked, he would just lose a ton of creatures and not kill me.  

So he doesn't attack and the stalemate continues.   But I have two advantages: a 20/20 Dungrove Elder and two Overrunss left in my deck.  I know that if I get my Overrun before he gets his Dungrove Elder, I'll have enough power to finish him off.

But soon he gets his second Grazing Gladehart out, and I still haven't drawn my Overrun.  He starts gaining a ton of life too.  I'm down to 11 cards in my deck and he's up to 42 life and I'm worried that if he gets his Dungrove Elder, even an Overrun won't let me kill him.  Moreover, he has a few more cards in his deck than me, so I'm worried about decking.

Thankfully, I draw my Overrun two turns later with 9 cards left in my library.  He hasn't drawn his Dungrove Elder, and I don't even remember who blocked what in that final combat phase, I just know I had at least 42 power points more than his toughness points.

My final life: 104
Opponent's life before final attack: 42
Opponent's life after final attack: -38

honestly, i can't say how many times Rite of Replication has saved me. niiice.

Earlier today I played Rite of Replication during a losing Archenemy multiplayer game on a Captain of the Watch (2/2, Vigilance, +1+1 to all soldiers, and creates 3x1/1 soldiers). Of course I kick it and I end up with:
FIVE 7/7s

The next turn = win
Beat Karn with Koth (Planeswalker difficulty).

Lots of "Oh crap" moments, as well as "Really game? Really!?"

Basically how it went was, he had his two Mox Sapphires out (Karn, Google 'Restricted' you cheating ****!) but no big follow up. For a while he feared my Lavaborn muse and didn't want to drop below three cards. He finally did with a Triskelion blocker but the Muse got one upkeep out of him before he pinged it away. His Quicksilver Amulet made me nervous, but ultimately he had nothing significant to drop with it. He then met my two fatties and one weenie with consecutive Icy Manipulators and at that point it was a waiting game.

What he kept doing was waiting for my Main Phase timer to run right out with his AI reflexes, then tap my two creatures before my Attack phase. He finally defied my Hero of Oxid Ridge bomb with his Quicksilver dropped Clockwork Dragon. Rather than attack, he blocked another hasted threat and added tokens to the Dragon. That was my time to reveal the Game-winner I'd had loaded since my opening hand: Act of Treason.

Log this part away for later:

I ended my Main phase. My counter went away and Karn Icied my creatures, after he did that I frantically pressed X to cast Act of Treason before the phase ended**. I nabbed his 8/8 Dragon and flew over his Quicksilvered in blocker for the win.

Probably won't happen again, but I totally beat Karn with Koth.

**If you end a phase and the AI does something before it ends, the timer doesn't stop for you. You have to cast a spell or ability to stop it. Doesn't come up often, but I've had a couple missed opportunities because of that.
Me and my two friends playing Archenemy against Sorin. I wasn't involved too much other than giving the idea.

I was machinations, they were Ancient Depths and Unquenchable fire.

Sorin had out had out Nocturus, a Nighthawk, and a Captivating Vampire, along with some others keeping us down. Unquenchable got out Inferno Titan, and ancient depths got a kicked Rite of Replication on the titan. Wiped out most of the field, finished him off the next.
I was well behind in a match against my friend, he is Apex Predators, I'm Machinations.

He has a solid board with Garruk's Packleader feeding him card advantage, I have an army of crap to fend them off with for the time being but know I'm not going to last long. Finally after being flooded for a term I draw into Magister Sphinx, drop it and put the first 10 damage on him for the entire match, then swing with a Snapsail Glider to put him at 8.

He knows he is in a dire situation so he goes all in forcing me to lose most of my critters on defense. I'm on my last turn, draw into Undermine, swing with Magister Sphinx and pass to him. He does exactly what I expect him to do and plays Overrun unnecessarily before attack, I laugh at him for a bit, pause game, and Undermine FTW.
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Borrowing the East Wind (P3) - Haha, it's like Hurricane but for horsemanship? That makes hilariously little sense. "Oh man, the wind is so much worse up on this horse."
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Jon Finkel can win a Magic tournament with a ham sandwich. That doesn't mean ham sandwiches are now the metagame breaker.
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Koth: I'm the first viable red planeswalker. Who are you? Tibalt: I'm a two-mana red planeswalker. Koth: I'm the last viable red planeswalker.
I was playing against Ancient Depths with Koth's sorry ass Strength of Stone deck.  He has the Kozilek, Butcher of Truth out and a bunch of 1/1's.  I have out a Rockslide Elemental and various other insignificant 1/1's insignificant creatures.  Its his turn and he plays Lorthos, the Tidemaker.  He brings the house and after annihilating as few creatures as I can to keep myself from losing all my life and annihilating the rest in land, I block, leaving only my Rockslide Elemental (who has been pumped up to a 8/8 by this point in the game), 1 life, and 7 land.  He has 14 life and Lorthos, the Tidemaker untapped.  I draw my next card and its a Conquering Manticore.  GG.

The end.
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Kicked Rite of Replication on a Conquering Manticore=Joy

conversely, Kicked Rite of Replication on a Primeval Titan is just ridiculous.
Seems like kicked Rite of Replication in general is ridiculous based on the majority of posts here.
Seems like kicked Rite of Replication in general is ridiculous based on the majority of posts here.

Five of Anything with a Comes into Play ability is generally ridiculous. Heck, against Jace' I even Kick-Rep'd his Krovikan Mist. He had two 5/5's, but after that, his two 10/10's were no match for my FIVE 10/10's.
in 2hg we got three kraken eyes in play (buddy was playing the illusions deck, i was playing the u/g deck) by the end of the game we were at 180 life, and our enemy died at -50!~
Since this is 'Craziest Things', I'm gonna post my biggest defeat EVER, but with a twist.

We were getting thrashed, so before you read the rest, I used Evacuation to clear the board of their legendaries.

2v2's with 3 other friends, with my team-mate and I having Blood Hunger and Ancient Depths respectively. We've got a pretty strong lead, with the opposing 2 (Using Machinations and Apex Predators) having only a Snapsail Glider and a Grazing Gladeheart out. 

Our side was slightly different, where my team-mate had numerous vampires, and I had some Phantasmal Bears, Phantom Beasts and a Wall of Air. HP is at 6-25 in their favour.

Spotting that this Grazing Gladeheart was going to give us problems, I used a Mind Control on it to switch it to our side. Clearly, they were annoyed, but not as annoyed when they saw me use an Aether Figment KICKED to multiply the Grazing Gladeheart into 5 tokens of it. Basically, for every land card me and my team-mate then drew, we would gain 10 HP.

Battle went on, we sat there happily giggling away to ourselves (we were going crazy) with HP 106-12, when from out of NOWHERE...

(This is all in one turn)

Machinations Deck-friend pulls out a Magister Sphinx, lowering our HP to 10, Apex Predators uses an Overrun, enabling all cards to have +3/+3 and trample until the end of the turn, and they hit us with everything, including his Ulamog.

Now, I still had those 5 kicked Grazing Gladehearts, and another 7 1/1 tokens, which I can't remember how I got, but at the end of the day, we went from HP 106-12 to around -22 - 12 in ONE TURN.

Don't start gloating to early lads - a game is never finished until the opponents HP is 0.

Definitely a FML moment, also...

While I can't remember exactly the entire match itself, I know the best moment I had in archenemy mode was facing Garruk using unlocked elves deck, and my ai as ancient depths and another elves deck.  One shuffle got me two titania's chosen in hand and a jorgana off the start.  I think by turn 4 I had both titania's out and thanks to garruk constantly hitting nissa's instead of mine, by turn 8 with Ancient's constant ramping and garruk/nissa's feeding me every turn I threw out Jorgana with a couple kicks, epic porportions on turn 9 to one of the titania's and I had around a 30/30 trampler.

Wasn't I guess you could say "epic" in terms of everything because I had nearly all my health and both my partners still when we won, but I just had a blast watching my opponent fuel his own death.
similar to my Elves vs Machinations, where I had my opponent 20-01 with a 5/5 Heedless one out + 4 trashy other elves out, the other guy has 4 lowly artifacts but the %@$&@*! pulls out a sphynx, brings himself to 10, use a go for the throat on my Heedless one and starts choppping away with his sphynx that can fly right over me next turn.

Then I pull out wincard after wincard each turn:
-viridian shaman to kill off his sphynx
-Plummet for his sphynx
-Maelstrom Pulse for his sphynx

but guess what.....he managed to have/draw Stoic Rebutal prior to each bloody turn...

I wuz crai...
played with UG against machinations: He brought me down to 4 life with his 3 Snapsail Gliders.  I had to waste my kcked Rite of Replication to copy his gliders and survive. My tokens were only 1/2 (due to his orb which gives all my creatures -1/-0), so I was lucky he didnt attack. ext turn, he drew a Sphinx Sovereign and I thought I had lost. The Simic Sky Swallower I drew next turn made him attack with all his gliders (which I all killed mith my tokens and the swallower) but sit back with his sphinx and gain life until he was at about 60. This gave me the time I needed to draw my Yavimaya's Embrace The next two turns I also drew Lorthos, the Tidemaker and Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

This was the most luck based match I ever played^^
I was playing Vampire against Machinations and had some ok cards on the field, but better ones in my hand such as Captivating Vampire, Mirri the cursed and Skeletal Vampire.
Was reluctant to cast any of these, even though i could because he always held back 1 card in his hand and it usually left U land untapped, so i suspected it may be stoic rebuttal.

He kept beating me down every turn and my weenies coupled with the awesome vampire aristocrat, kept killing his bigger threats by sacrificing those necessary.

Eventually he got to 11 land and played the last card from his hand, which i then found out was not the cancel i suspected, but was the darksteel colossus. I thought i was then screwed, but luckily could then cast Captivating Vampire and use his ability on the turn i cast him (which i didn't think i could do) to take over the colossus. This then won me the game next turn, would have certainly lost without it.

Should i really have been able to use captivating's ability the turn i cast him, thought summoning sickness stops this?

Should i really have been able to use captivating's ability the turn i cast him, thought summoning sickness stops this?

Interestingly enough, the Captivating Vampire's ability is not led with (which would have it prevented by Summoning Sickness) but rather it's simply an effect activated by tapping 5 vamps. It just so happens that the Captivating can be one of those 5 used to activate the ability.

e: splattercat said it better

e2: same goes for Ezuri renegade leader abilities btw, but not Imperious Perfect

Actually I've been doing a lot of stupid things since this game came out. Let me start by saying that its not completely my fault because I've spent years playing DOTP 09 wich had a very limited card pool (99% of cards in that game were very straight forward).

Now since I'm so used to being able to buff whatever creature I choose I've accidentally destroyed my coop partners illusion creature on several occasions. I've also tried to replicate a creature only to have it disappear because you cant have more than one of the same legendary creature out (lol). And I did these things in the same match. I doubt anyones made bigger mistakes than that in a single match. The funny thing is that we ended up winning that match.

Whatever The Market Will Bear 2015 brought to you by Wizards of the Coast.

I managed to do the completely moronic thing of starting a duel without any land cards... In my defense it was late at night (and probably a good sign that I should make that my last game :P ).

Robvalue: Copy target bug or glitch. You may choose a new card for the copy...

Will never buy games made by Arena Net again.

Will not buy Duel 2015 until 2HG reinstated.


Grei wrote:

Orc_Welfin wrote:
 I've removed content from this thread. 

Nice to know removing content is a company wide policy.
I did 69 points of damage in a single round to win my first mirror match using Garruk's Apex Predators. 

That's probably not impressive to some, but it is memorable for me because it was only my second match in DotP 2012. 

Garruk and I each built for quite some time.  He got 2 Grazing Gladeharts out early, so his life was up to 40 when I finally attacked.  I was just lucky enough to get Overrun first and dropped a couple Giant Growths for overkill.  Oddly, he must've seen the inevitable and (on Arch-mage difficulty) didn't bother blocking anyone.  Garruk dropped from 40 to -29 life in a single blow and granting me my first unlock for Apex Predators.

I haven't (yet) matched that much damage in a single round, even with Nissa's Guardians. 

Using Unquenchable Fire against U/G deck, I brought the opponents life down only to 15 HP, till about round 6, when I assumed "the bomb" would drop next go as it usually does.

So I had 2 Kiln Fiend on the field and 2 cards left, a Volcanic Hammer and wheel of fortune (Do you feel it coming?) and he had the 6/6 shroud ****** out so not enough to finish him on that go.

Used burn to the face, and then use WoF as a last card and there he was, Ulamog, the infinite Gyre, flying away from his hand... oh that made my day.... (supported by the fact my Kiln Fiends were now 9/4 or 7/2 or something and I got a Inferno Titan and a Volcanic Hammer out of it). The titan and hammer finished the job in 2 turns.

I hit Exit Game immediately, cause everything would've been downhill from there ^^

I hit Exit Game immediately, cause everything would've been downhill from there ^^

And you wonder why i wouldn't play a re-match against you with your elves two days ago ? Yet you have the reason ;)

Hey it was my second match against the guy (he played dragons on his first try which I won as well with chandra, why people fall back in u/g when they lise I dont know but it happens all the time). I always play bestof3 if the opponent allows me :p

But yea I get your point
this is why people fall back to the U/G deck

I was playing against Karn when on his third turn he cheats in a darksteel. he passes the turn for a turn 3 mind control on it. well I think you all know how it went from there 
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You have climbed your way to the top. You are now among the multivers' elite. Welcome to the Orzhov Syndicate.
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Haha, i had yet a crazy game ! And i have the feeling, that no one saw such a moment before.
And yes Rite of Replication is included ;)

I played with "Ancient Depths" against mono-white, but i had luck, my opponent had no creatures and cast only land, 2 Angel's Feathers and the Sword of War and Peace I had a good starthand and ramp very fast up. I got my Primeval Titan, the opponent arrested it but later i could cast Kozilek, Butcher of Truth it happen:

I saw the first time in the game the

He chose war, me too, so all creatures got +3 attack. I stolen the angel with Yavimaya's Embrace, and attack with Kozilek and a 4/1 Coiling Oracle but my opponent get the angel back next turn with Revoke Existence.
But than i did it: I cast Rite of Replication on the Angel and got 5 of it... and could chose 5 times War or Peace. I chose allways war... and i got 5 21/6 angels ! Kozilek was about 27/12 and my little Coiling Oracle was a 16/1 ! I attacked this round with Kozilek and the Oracle and won the game.

I never saw so mighty creatures before, if i would attack with all at once, the opponent would get almost 150 damage ! But i think there is a bug... with 6 angel there must be 6 choices and so 6x +3/0. But i had only 5x +3/0 at my last attack.
Anyway, it was very spectacular
RedRevolution beat me to the punch, but I did something very similar.

I was u/g with w ally vs. w and b.  The game started out excruciatingly slowly for me - I think I had 18 lands before I had a real fatty on the table.  All I did before like turn 12 or 15 was Yavimaya's embrace the enemy's captivating vampire, then mind control it again after embrace was Revoke'd.

We didn't really have board control, but my ally had 2 congregates, gaining us well over 100 life (partially due to saproling tokens).  Eventually I managed to get ulamog, which was promptly met by a topdeck arrest.  Either next turn or the turn after I topdecked an explore, used it to draw an aether mutation.  After bouncing Ulamog I had 16 saproling tokens, plus a few other miscellaneous creatures.

I think I get one attack off before the white player drops an Archangel of Strife.  Thats when I replicate it... I ended up with 16 19/1 saproling tokens, and kozilek, and my ally had a bunch of white weenies on the board.   We attacked them and did 480 damage.  Replication is SO FUN!

Haha, that must be awesome ! Smile

The time I came back from 1-36 and won

This thread is already filled with variations on this theme, so I'll be brief. I had just unlocked the 16th card for Ancient Depths and decided to celebrate by taking it for a test drive online. My opponent was Blood Hunger, and through the combined efforts of a Child of Night, a Barony Vampire, and a bloodthirst'd Vampire Outcasts I was getting my ass thoroughly stomped. I was about learn a lesson in overestimating a deck's ability based on AI opponents in the face of human ingenuity (or, ya know, a rush deck), but then I drew Lorthos, the Tidemaker. He did his final damage, only able to bring my life total to 1 and his to 36, and he never attacked or played a spell again. I realized in that match that Ancient Depths may not be a great deck, but Lorthos is a great card and AD is great at getting it into play. It's never too late!

The time I won against an unchecked Dragonmaster Outcast

In another online game I was playing Machinations against Dragon's Roar. We were basically deadlocked in the lategame, each with about 14 in life. I had exhausted my creature removal protecting myself from dragons, when suddenly my opponent cast Dragonmaster Outcast, and of course he had 6 lands in play and I didn't have any cards in my hand. Hoping for a Go for the Throat, the next turn I got a Darksteel Plate. While not removal, I slapped that thing on my Tidehollow Strix for flying, deathtouch, indestructable, which makes for a pretty damn effective blocker. Any time he attacked I could kill one of the attackers without repercussion, so at the very least I forced him to build up a small dragon armada before killing me, which bought me a few turns and a few more cards to draw.

The next turn I drew Mirrorworks and put it into play, more than a little disappointed. Meanwhile my opponent attacked with his 2 5/5 dragons, losing 1, but securing bloodthirst for his now 12/12 Furyborn Hellkite. Impressive stats, sure, but to my "always kills, never dies" blocker he's just the dragon that yells, "block me!" the loudest. So at this point I was at 8 life, facing down a 12/12 and a 5/5 with more on the way every turn.

The next turn I drew my match-winner: Wurmcoil Engine. This being the "lategame" and all I naturally had 8 mana to cast that thing with a mirror copy thanks to Mirrorworks last turn (I will never doubt you again!) So, just like that, the dynamics of the whole board changed. My opponent was waiting me out while getting another 5/5 flyer every turn to sneak past my UltimateBlocker©. But now, I was gaining 12 life every turn no matter what, as well as killing his dragons (minus what he could let slip past to deplete his ~14 life total). At this point I had the advantage. He attacked with his 2 dragons without summoning sickness (probably a mistake there), losing the 12/12 and bringing me to 3. Being at 3 was merely a temporary inconvenience, as I rode my twin Wurmcoils to 15 life and later on to victory.

And I never did deal with that Dragonmaster Outcast.

it wasn't really crazy but I was playing against bolas on the planeswalker difficulty and he arc trailed himself for my win. It felt like a really cheap win
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You have climbed your way to the top. You are now among the multivers' elite. Welcome to the Orzhov Syndicate.
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Nothing amazing, but fun none the less.... makes me feel better when AI topdecks 9 games outta 10 -.-


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