Dark Sun Adventure: Murder Mystery in Tyr

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This forum was very helpful for me when I was planning my first DS adventure back in November, so I wanted to share the results of the first adventure I constructed now that I've play tested it twice and cleaned it up considerably:

This is a murder-mystery themed adventure set in Tyr where the players are accused of killing a local merchant. Player visit many locations in Ty as they work to uncover who framed them and why. It is intended to be heavy on role playing, with a many NPCs, a few skill challenges, and only two combat sequences that bookend the adventure. I have run it for two different group, each with 3, level 1 players completing it in roughly 1 six hour session, but it could easily be scaled for any number of players in a low level group.

Hope you enjoy,
Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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A nice piece of work.
I can't seem to get it to load. Could you try re-uping it OP?
This is great. Thanks for the wonderful campaign.

1. Do you happen to know of mopre mysteries (independent of edition).

2. Aside from mystery, puzzle, and neogtiation skill encounters (as alternative to battle encounters) are there any other major type of encounters that are story based?


Awesome work :o I'm working on a similar murder mystery (protracted skill challenge) that I'm trying to make region independant. It revolves around the party being caught up in a murder mystery in a Piorot / Midsummer murder style. Once it's finished and I've tested it, I'll post it up
zippy that sounds great - cant wait to try it

I love it!
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