The Cryptic Commander, a Tiefling Wizard|Warlord, Arcane Wayfarer, Planeshaper

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This build, which I have affectionately named the Cryptic Commander, tries to exert his will over the entire battlefield, controlling friend and foe alike. It uses all the warlord goodies for the former, and the powerful enemy control of the wizard for the latter. I was just looking for overall input, questions, and comments on the build as well as whether or not it is as cool as I think it is.

Cryptic Commander CB Summary

Tiefling, Wizard/Warlord, Arcane Wayfarer, Planeshaper

Warlord Leadership Option: Battlefront Leader (Hybrid)

Hybrid Warlord Option: Hybrid Warlord Will

Hybrid Talent Option: Commanding Presence (Hybrid)

Commanding Presence (Hybrid) Option: Resourceful Presence (Hybrid)

Auspicious Birth (Auspicious Birth Benefit)



STR 10, CON 12, DEX 15, INT 30, WIS 12, CHA 23



STR 8, CON 10, DEX 13, INT 18, WIS 10, CHA 13



AC: 43 Fort: 42 Ref: 44 Will: 43

HP: 157 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 39



Arcana +34, History +34, Intimidate +26



Acrobatics +17, Athletics +15, Bluff +23, Diplomacy +21, Dungeoneering +16, Endurance +16, Heal +16, Insight +16, Nature +16, Perception +16, Religion +29, Stealth +19, Streetwise +21, Thievery +17



Warlord Attack 1: Direct the Strike

Wizard Attack 1: Winged Horde

Warlord Utility 2: Adaptive Stratagem

Wizard Utility 2: Shield

Warlord Utility 6: Reorient the Axis

Secrets of Belial Utility 6: Serpent's Cunning

Warlord Utility 10: Tactical Orders

Warlord Attack 13: Pincer Maneuver

Wizard Attack 15: Evard's Dreadful Mist

Wizard Attack 17: Mass Charm

Warlord Utility 22: Rush of Battle

Wizard Attack 25: Dooming Darkness

Warlord Attack 27: A Plan Comes Together

Wizard Attack 29: Visions of Wrath



Level 1: Hybrid Talent (Resourceful Presence)

Level 2: Superior Implement Training (Accurate orb)

Level 4: Orb Expertise

Level 6: Improved Initiative (retrain to Superior Initiative at 21)

Level 8: Improved Defenses

Level 10: Superior Will

Level 11: Hellfire Arcanist

Level 12: Hellfire Blood

Level 14: Fight On

Level 16: Spell Focus

Level 18: Dispater's Iron Discipline

Level 20: Imperious Majesty

Level 21: Shift the Field

Level 21: Superior Initiative

Level 22: Supreme Inspiration

Level 24: Quickened Spellcasting

Level 26: Royal Command of Asmodeus

Level 28: Secrets of Belial

Level 30: Epic Fortitude



Accurate orb of Nimble Thoughts +1

Accurate orb of Judicious Conjuration +6

Shadowdance Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) +6

Sustaining Cloak +6

Crest of Vigilance Eternal (paragon tier)

Boots of Teleportation (epic tier)

Many-Fingered Gloves (paragon tier)

Circlet of Arkhosia (epic tier)

Opal Ring of Remembrance (epic tier)

Ring of Tenacious Will (epic tier)

Ring of Flight (paragon tier)

Diamond Cincture (epic tier)


I tried to keep the gear general as this build is pretty much item independent, although Dispater's Iron Disciple + Circlet of Arkhosia(epic) is pretty hawt.

My Works
My House Rules Cryptic Commander: a Tiefling Wizard|Warlord - Arcane Wayfarer - Planeshaper that focuses on controlling every creature in an encounter. Feyknight: A Half-Elf Knight - Gladiator Champion - Marshall of Letherna build that uses Eldritch Strike and the White Lotus Riposte feats to create a decent catch-22 with his mark aura. Novamancer: a Wizard/Swordmage - Malec-Keth Janissary - Radiant One that specializes in area damage, somewhat item dependent but is capable of massive damage. the Epic Crit-Fisher: Avenger/Ranger-PMC-Eternal Seeker with a 2,560 damage crit-fishing nova. Eldritch Slayer: A Slayer - Kulkor - Destined Scion that uses a similar trick to the Knight, combined with Kulkor for some decent DPR. Polearm Seeker|Fighter: A Seeker|Fighter/Psion - Kensei - Destined Scion build that uses Polearm Momentum to not be super bad. Generic Runepriest: A generic type Runepriest/Fighter - Hammer of Vengeance - Destined Scion
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