buying up used minis

a friend of mine has offered to sell me his minis, because he doesnt play anymore and needs the money. he has a complete set from rebel storm to clone wars. plus numerous extra non-unique doubles. he wants $2000. i thought this was a fair deal, but i wonder what is it like to sell off these figures if i too need the money. i already have a complete set from rebel storm to masters of the force, but i figure why not double up.
easiest way to offload stuff is to just e-bay it by set (most sets should easily net $75-$100 or more) at least currently.  You coul dalways break them apart and try adn make even more money but at a cost of time and some minis that just won't sell no matter what the price.  You can also just sell to any number of online stores buying minis.  Probably the easiest but you get the least amount of money for your stuff.  This is all under the current market as demand for SWM seems fairly stable at the moment.  If it really tanks in the future though, it will probably be near impossible to sell stuff for any kind of value.  At the same time if demand soars for some reason you could make quite a handsome profit on the deal.

Hope that helps.
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