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Looking at the monster descriptions in the Monster list, I can't seem to find where it says what size a creature is. 
Am I missing something or is it just not listed? seems like a rather important bit of info. 
In both the online and offline MBs it's directly below the name of the monster along with other keywords.  For example, Abyssal Ghoul is listed as "Medium Elemental Humanoid (undead)."

If you're looking for the actual physical size of a creature measured in feet or meters or whatever, the stat blocks don't give those.  Sizes are just listed as Tiny (up to 4 creatures per square), Small (1 square), Medium (1 square), Large (2x2 squares), Huge (3x3 squares) or Gargantuan (4x4 squares).

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Ah, thank you. I looked and looked, but my brain was just looking right past it, despite it being in plain sight.
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