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Hello everyone.  I had this idea a while ago to make a BR control deck using Everlasting Torment with burn from red and creatures like Necroskitter to build an army of my opponents' creatures.  The list I bring you today is the actual result of that idea.  I ended up going mono-black, and now I'm debating even using Everlasting Torment at all, as it seems counter-productive to the Exsanguinate's and Blood Tithe's.  Here's the decklist, any advice is appreciated!


4 x Leechridden Swamp
1 x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
1 x Cabal Coffers  Working on getting another 3 of these, will replace Swamps/Tectonic Edges
2 x Tectonic Edge I threw these in because I didn't bring enough swamps with me.  Might keep them in though.
13 x Swamp


3 x  Reassembling Skeleton works great with Pestilence!
3 x Midnight Banshee I had 4, but 3 is probably enough for a 6CMC creature.
2 x Necroskitter  I would run 4 of these if I had them.
2 x Bane of the Living I loved this guy at first, but now my friends just path whatever I play face down.

Other Spells:

2 x Phyrexian Reclamation
4 x Innocent Blood
3 x Blood Tithe
4 x Exsanguinate
1 x Black Sun's Zenith Only have 1 of these, will be putting in 4 when I get them.
3 x Pestilence
3 x Everlasting Torment
4 x Diabolic Tutor I don't own Demonic Tutor's 
1 x Syphon Soul will be putting 4 of these in when I get them.
2 x Painful Quandary I found these in my local $1 rare binder.  I put in two here just to see how it plays.
2 x Bonehoard I am debating bumping this to 3-4, because this card has been amazing in my playtesting.

That's the list so far.  Like I said my drain life spells seem to counter-act the Torments, so I'm thinking they either don't belong in here, or I should switch the deck up to BR to work with Torments better, as well as open me up to cards like Breath of Malfegor, Pyroclasm, etc.
You are absolutely correct that Everlasting Torment doesn't play well with 8x of your spells. It should be cut, or you need to cut the drain life spells.

Traditionally (at least ever since Shadowmoor), you se Kulrath Knight in -1/-1 counter decks.
The deck would be greatly helped by 2 more Necroskitter (I looked up their current price. Damn they are expensive. Somehow I picked them up for $1 each. Some new extended deck must have come along and bumped their price or something). This isn't too much of a loss, because you can find them with your 4x tutors.
What your deck does seem to be lacking, is some sort of repeatable creature revival. When your deck is focusing on keeping a certain creature in play (like Necroskitter in this case), you need to be able to find the creature in your deck, and revive it after your opponents keep killing it. You have lots of choices here...
Phyrexian Reclamation
Reaping the Graves
Footbottom Feast
Oversold Cemetery $$$
Grim Harvest
Death Denied
Disturbed Burial
Balthor the Defiled
Endbringer's Revel
Beacon of Unrest
or, you could try to keep the creature alive by making it indestrutible or untargetable (doesn't exactly work perfectly though since you are throwing around -x/-x effects)
Your deck does seem a bit creature light. I realize that you might be doing this because you don't want to lose all your creatures to your board wipes. You might want to consider chimeric creatures Chimeric Egg, Chimeric Idol, Chimeric Mass, Phyrexian Totem, or man-lands Genju of the Fens/Spawning Pool.
As for the -1/-1 counter theme, you don't really have enough cards in the deck that support it fully.
Contagion Clasp/Contagion Engine would help kill stuff once you got -1/-1 counters on creatures.
Incremental Blight - I see this regularly in -1/-1 decks.
Soul Snuffers - makes sure everything gets counters.
Crumbling Ashes - kills creatures (maybe your own though, unless you play Quillspike as well)).
Blowfly Infestation - continues the madness.
Corrosive Mentor - makes sure your creatures deal -1/-1 counters.

You could also play Infect/Wither creatures.
If your opponents keep Pathing your Bane of the Living, you might want to consider Zoetic Cavern (just for laughs, this card isn't that great).

Bump the land count to 24.
Consider Twisted Abomination as a useful fetcher of Leechridden Swamp (and a decent midrange beater).
Cut the lifegain or Everlasting Torment.
Bump the creature count up (or man-land/chimeric count up).

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Thanks for the great ideas!

I'm sorry for the mistake, but I do have 2 x Phyrexian Reclamation in the deck for recursion.  I was also toying with the idea of knights/snuffers in there as well, and I will give those a try at my next game night. I have a couple mutavaults I could throw in, but for right now I think I'll test out Spawning Pools.  As for an updated list, here we go:

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